9Clash Baseball Released By AN Games On Android

9Clash Baseball is a brand new mobile baseball game from the developers of Astrokings game. You can get 9Clash Baseball for free from Google Play Store

9Clash BaseballAN Games, the creators of Astronest and Astrokings has just announced a new title 9Clash Baseball. 9Clash Baseball is a baseball simulation game where you will clash with other players in real-time in baseball matches. After installing from the Google Play Store, you will have to download a patch file which is around 270 MB in size. And, then you select the graphics.

There are three graphics settings available that you can select based on the device performance; low, medium, and high. And, right after that, a tutorial starts where you are gonna learn how to play this game. You will learn how to hit the ball, time the hit, how to pitch the ball, etc.

The matches in 9Clash Baseball costs coins. And, you will start from the rookie league where match cost is 100 coins. Win the match and you will get the package. These packages take time to get open – you will get the player cards, gold, and gems from these matches.

Game Modes

  • Training Mode to Practice
  • League Matches where you clash with another player in real-time matches
  • Event challenges where you can earn more rewards


Ads. IAPs. You can watch video ads to get the packages. As said above, you get the cards and in-game currencies. Use them to upgrade the players’ cards and make the team powerful. IAPs include the purchase of gems, the in-game currency that you can use for premium cards and packages.

Is It Worth Playing?

Well, the graphics are good. But it’s p2w – not too heavy p2w though. If you love baseball games, give it a try. The real-time baseball battles in the 9Clash Baseball game are pretty good.

It’s also called as Nine Clash.

Download APK

So this would be all in this post on the 9Clash Baseball game overview.

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