ACE Play Game Review – The ACE Family App

ACE Play Game has just been released on iOS by JumpButton Studio. This is The ACE Family app where you play as one of The ACE Family characters

ACE Play Game by The Ace FamilyACE Play Game, based on the YouTuber(The Ace Family) has just released on iOS App Store. It’s an arcade-style basketball game where you can play as Cathering, Alaia, Austin, and Elle. Is it fun? Is it suitable for kids? Let’s find out in this ACE Play Game review!

About The Game: –

  • Name – ACE Play
  • Genre – Family, Sports(Basketball)
  • Age-based ratings – Everyone
  • Availablity – iOS
  • Release Date – February 2020
  • Publisher – JumpButton Studio, Ace Hat Collection, Inc

ACE Play Gameplay-

ACE Play Game is based on Basketball sports where you can play as one of The ACE Family characters. The four available characters are Catherine, Alaia, Austin, and Elle. And, all the characters are unlocked by default. After selecting the character, tap the play button on the bottom-right side and choose a location.

At the beginning of the game, you can play in Los Angeles. The player can unlock new locations such as Miami, New York, Toronto, Australia, London, Dubai, Houston, Vegas, Ace Home with the ACE coins.

You earn coins by playing basketball matches.

All you need to do is score as much as you can. Tap the basketball button on the right side and make an angle to the basket. Release to shoot the basketball – you can also aim for the jumping ACE coins(golden and silver), boosters for extra rewards. Also, there would be some obstacles that you will need to dodge.

There are some missions that you can complete for extra coins – coins can be used to buy the customizations for the character. Go back to the home screen, select the character and on the bottom-left corner, tap the customize button  -> there you can buy the outfits for each character.

Monetization In ACE Play Game

It is monetized by ads, IAPs, and subscription-based service. Ads – you can watch the video ads for extra balls when you lose all free ones. Sometimes, ads pop out randomly.

IAPs – you can buy coins with real money. Subscription(Fan Pass) – it’s optional and gives access to monthly video chat with The Family, discount on Ace Family Store, 100 coins per day, and vote on the game’s content. It costs $2.99/month.

Is It Kid Friendly?

Yes. There is no violence, gambling, blood, killing type stuff in the game. It’s completely safe for kids. But make sure to keep an eye on IAPs. Involve your parents if you are under 18 before making any purchase.

ACE Play Game Review: –

If you love The Ace Family videos on YouTube, then you must try this game. It’s simple, fun, and amazing. We would rate it 5/5 stars. The graphics are great, the gameplay is pretty good, and it features The Ace Family characters!

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