Art of War: Heroes Is A New Strategy Battle Game By 10TP STUDIO

Art of War: Heroes is a brand new mobile game by 10TP STUDIO where you get to build the army of heroes and fight the enemies in strategic battles

Art of War: HeroesAfter releasing the Art of War: Legions on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, 10TP Studio has just published another mobile game; Art of War: Heroes. If you have played the Art of War: Legions, you will find this app similar to it. Although, it focuses more on the heroes, their skills, and other idle RPG systems. In Art of War: Legions, you also use the troops with the heroes. But in this game, you only use the heroes – you can further upgrade them to increase their strength. Let’s learn more about the Art of War: Heroes game.

Art of War: Heroes Game

Art of War: HeroesAt the start of the game, you will follow the tutorial that teaches the fundamentals of the game – on how to deploy the heroes, use their skills, upgrade them, etc. First, you build a battle formation – there are slots where you can deploy the heroes strategically in front, middle, and rear lines. Once you are all set, tap the battle button to begin the war against enemy heroes.

The battle rewards include gold coins and gems that you can use to make the heroes stronger. For example – raising their stats; attack, defense, HP, load, etc.

It also lets you reset the heroes’ upgrade – that helps you recover all the coins and you will be able to spend on a much better hero. The player in Art of War: Heroes progress level-by-level. New functions such as summoning, auto-skill, etc. get unlocked as you progress through the levels – which is the only way to progress.

The battles get more competitive as the player progresses – so you need to keep strengthening the heroes with upgrades; leveling, ascension. You are rewarded with thousands of gold coins and gems at the start of the game so that you can get better heroes from the start and clear the early stages easily.

It’s a pretty good game to play – the graphics are great, UI is clean, the battle system is simple & casual, and there are lots of heroes, challenging battles!

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