Art of War: Legions Guide: Tips & Tricks For Beginners

Art of War: Legions is a popular strategy for Android & iOS by 10TP Studio. If you are new to it, let’s have a look at this Art of War: Legions guide, tips

Art of War: LegionsWe have been playing this game for a while now and it’s been great so far. You get to customize the battle formation where you can put all sorts of troops and add a hero to lead them into combat. It also works idle – if you close the game, your army will continue to fight the enemies and grind coins and gems. Speaking of game modes, it has battle stages/levels, expedition, event, and PvP arena mode. We have compiled a lot of Art of War: Legions game tips & tricks that we think you might find them useful. So let’s not waste any time and check out the walkthrough guide!

Art of War: Legions Guide, Strategy, Tips & Tricks: –

The following guide covers the information about troops, heroes, formation, in-game currencies, idle rewards, etc.


You need troops to battle the enemies. How do you get the troops? Well, you get the troops by buying the card packs available in the shop or when you tap the battle button, it takes you to the battle formation screen where you will see the cards button on the bottom-right side. Tap it and spend the coins to get the random troops. You can check the best troops info here.

Types of Troops

There are mainly three types of troops in the Art of War: Legions game; tank-type troops, buildings, and DPS-type troops. How do you figure out the troop types? Well, to figure out the troop’s type, you need to go through its profile. In the bottom menu, tap the hero avatar button and go to the troops collection tab to check the list of troops. Tap on the troop card and check the parameters such as HP, Attack, Defense, and special ability. The ones with high HP stats are tank-type troops, high attack power means DPS. And, the buildings type troops include catapult, ballista, etc.

Make sure to read the profile info carefully. There are some troops with special skills. Take ghost assassin as an example. This troop unit blocks to the back of the enemy and releases deadly blades – as the battle starts, you will see this unit climbing back to the rear line on the enemy side and stabbing them.


Heroes have active skills and passive skills. Like the troops, you get heroes from the card packs(special card packs in the shop containing hero cards) or the shop. If you get the replicate card, that would be used in the hero level upgrade. Leveling hero enhances skill performance. In the hero collection screen, you can see all the heroes available in the Art of War: Legions. Tap on the hero card to open the profile page – there you can tap their skills to check info. There are rare heroes, epic heroes, legendary heroes. You can find the best heroes info here.

Battle Formation Strategy

There are mainly three lines in the battle formation; front-line, mid-line, and rear(back-line). In the front line, use melee-type or tank troops(the ones with high health stats – they are good at soaking damage) or mages. Add the DPS-type troops in the mid-line – these troops have low defense but they do a high volume of damage – they must be protected at any cost. Add more tank-type troops in the rear line or use mages.

  • Front – melee/tank/mages
  • Mid – DPS
  • Rear – tank/mages

You can try different combinations for different enemies. For example – if you want more offense, go with melee attackers or ranged-DPS troops. For more defense, surround the attackers with tank units.

Getting Stronger

You must power up the troops to clear the high levels. How do you power-up the troops? By leveling them up. From the card packs, you might get the troop card that you already owned. These replicate troops can be merged on the battle formation editing screen. All you need to do is drag the troops over another(should be of the same type and level). For instance, 1-star Iron Guard + 1-star Iron Guard gives you 2-star Iron Guard.

Collect Idle Rewards Every Six Hours

As said above, tour troop continues to fight in the war and grind currencies for you while you are offline. They will earn gold and gems for x6 hours. After that, you would not earn anything. So make sure to collect the idle chest on the battle screen and claim offline idle earnings. The reward amount increases as you pass more levels.

Arena Mode

Here you compete with other players. You can set up the arena defense on this mode’s screen. You will earn trophies, medals of honor, coins, etc. by getting victories. Play this mode for seasonal rewards and rankings.


Here you progress chapter-by-chapter. Each chapter comes with a certain number of stages with increasing difficulty. You can earn keys, cards, and gems from this game mode. To unlock chapters, you must reach a certain level. For instance, chapter 2 requires level 200. Tap the battle button on the main screen and there you will see the current level.


Refreshes every day – you can grind currencies here.

That’s all for now in this Art of War: Legions guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below.

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