Astalo Is A New Mobile Action Game, Now In Beta

Tree Men Games has just released a brand new mobile action game called Astalo on Google Play Store. It’s simple, challenging and addicting!

The publisher of the Pako game series has just published another game on the mobile app store; it’s Astalo – simple controls, great graphics, and challenging gameplay. The beta version of Astalo is now available to download for free from Google Play Store. You can play it offline. Speaking of gameplay, you will pick one of the featured characters; Ninja, Warrior, Monk, Farmer, etc. Each one plays differently. After that, you will start clearing the waves of enemies at the floors of dungeons set in beautifully crafted locations; starting with firefly garden, ice peaks to The Abyss. There is also an endless arena mode for infinite battles.

Astalo Game Is Now Out

It plays in portrait mode. You will progress through the stages/floors and earn stars to unlock new locations. As the battle starts, enemies will spawn and you will have to slay them down before they rip you apart. You can attack them by aiming your character’s attack direction; aim and release. The battles are fast-paced; enemies spawn randomly in different locations and attack you immediately – one attack on you and the game’s over. You will have to quickly dodge their attacks; the easiest way is to keep the character away from their attack-range/direction. Enemies slow down when unleashing the attack; dodging quickly and attacking from sides/behind when they are in slow-motion attack scene can help you win over them.

On certain floors, you will get power-ups, gold loot. On the last floor, you will fight the boss with special abilities. Clearing all the floors give you gold-star, which you need to earn to unlock new locations. You will have to start over if you get killed; with the help of ad offer and gold coins, you can continue again if you die.

Speaking of gold coins, you can use them for new characters.

So this would be all in this post on the Astalo game overview.

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