Aura Kingdom 2 Launches On Android & iOS

X-Legend’s 3D fantasy MMORPG Aura Kingdom 2 is now available worldwide on Google Play Store & iOS App Store. Aura Kingdom 2 features amazing graphics and lots of game modes to play

Aura Kingdom 2One of the most awaited MMORPGs Aura Kingdom 2 is finally here. You will embark on a fantasy journey where you will encounter lots of beasts, NPCs, missions, creatures. It lets you play as a ninja Shinobi, mage Elementalist, Dragoon Warrior, and Nymph Archer. There are four character classes to choose from; each has a unqiue set of skills, different stats, gameplay style. You will team up with Eidolons – the secondary characters who buff the main character.

Aura Kingdom 2 Is Now Out

Speaking of gameplay, it plays in landscape mode. The graphics are good. You will progress through the chapter mode – the main quests. There are over 10 chapters to complete. Other than that, you can participate in the dungeon and event modes to grind currency that can be useful in strengthening the main character, Eidolons, mount, wings, etc. There is a talent system; you will have to strategically allot the talent points to build up the character class.

You will start by picking a favorite class. The first few quests can only be done manually. As you further progress a bit, you just touch the quest and your character automatically navigates and battles. Although, later in some quests, you will need to control and navigate manually.

You can join the guild, team-up with other players to slay down the bosses, and there are plenty of things to do; making the character more powerful, upgrade gears, grind currency, slay down the bosses, rank-up, build a skill set, talents, and much more.

Its size is around 1 GB; on Android, as well as on iOS. You will need a stable internet connection to play it.

If you are new to the game, check out this Aura Kingdom 2 best class guide.

So this would be all in this overview.

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