Banana Eats Codes Roblox 2020(NEW!)

Do you want free skins in Banana Eats Roblox without cheats? Then use these working valid Banana Eats codes 2020 Roblox

Banana Eats Codes

Source: Banana Eats Codes Roblox

Banana Eats Codes List

Here is the list of all working active Banana Eats codes as of 2020 –

  • 100MILLION: Redeem this code and get Baby Banana Beacon
  • SPARECHANGE – Redeem this code and get coins for free
  • 15KFOLLOWERS – Redeem this code and get coins for free
  • BOONANAEATS – Redeem this code and get coins for free
  • 1151308625 – Redeem this code and get coins for free

Copy Banana Eats Codes: – 

100MILLION: Redeem this code and get Baby Banana Beacon


SPARECHANGE: Claim this Banana Eats code and receive 50 coins


15KFOLLOWERS: Clam this code for a Moldy Twitter Special skin


BOONANAEATS: Claim this redeem code to Peel-o-Lantern trap


1151308625Use this code to receive Evil’s Voice Skin


Expired Codes List

The codes don’t last permanently. Like most other Roblox games, it’s up to the developers to make codes not working or issue new codes. In this section, we have listed the codes that are no more working in the game –

  • MORECOINS – released on October 9, 2020 – use this code for free in-game coins
  • BOONANAEATS – get Peel-o-Lantern trap for free using this Banana Eats code
  • FANCYPANCAKE – Redeem this Banana Eats code for a waffle beacon! This code was released on Sept. 19, 2020
  • FREECOINS – Redeem this Banana Eats code for free coins. Code was released on September 11, 2020
  • THATEGGPLANTCOLOR – use this Banana Eats code for a beacon. Code announced on September 3, 2020
  • GLITTEREVERYWHERE – use this code to get a gift in Banana Eats. Announced on August 25, 2020.
  • THEGOLDENPEELS – use this code to get a free Banana Skin in Banana Eats
  • DIPPINGINTOINSANITY – Redeem this code to get Dipped Banana Beacon! (NEW)
  • BANANAISHERE – Redeem this code to get Party Peely Skin!
  • NEWMAPSOON – Redeem this code to get Canned Peanuts Beacon Skin!

How To Redeem Banana Eats Codes?

If you have no idea of how to redeem the Banana Eat code, then this guide will help you: – on the bottom of the screen, look for the Twitter bird green color icon. Click it. Enter the code (working code) and get the rewards by pressing the redeem button. So that would be all in this code redemption code.

How To Get More Codes?

If you have no idea how to find more codes, then here’s a quick guide for you; we advise you to follow the developer’s Twitter account(@RyCitrus) to keep an eye on new/latest working codes. Or, it would be better to check this code page often as we put ’em all together in one place.

About Banana Eats And Codes

Banana Eats is one of the unique fun arcade games available on the Roblox platform where you have to survive the killer Banana. The game offers quality fun gameplay with simple to understand mechanics. Well, this post is not about the highlights or features of the game. It’s about the Banana Eats codes. Most often, these codes give you free skins that you can equip. And, that would be completely free and without any sort of cheats. Do check out the latest working codes on this page – the above list! Updated with new Banana Eats Codes Roblox 2020!

Other Roblox Codes: –

Got any code not listed here? Comment!

Banana Eats Codes Updates: –

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