Baseball Clash Is A New Mobile Baseball Game From NEOWIZ

NEOWIZ has just released a new mobile baseball game called Baseball Clash on Google Play Store. The game lets you play 1v1 baseball matches in real-time

In the Baseball Clash game, you build the best team of best players; catchers, InFielders, OutFielders, Pitchers and clash with another player in real-time. You will get to hit the balls, pitch the balls, and make decisions on the baseball field. Speaking of the gameplay, anyone who has a basic knowledge of baseball can easily master the game – its controls are beginner-friendly. All you need to do is tap the screen to hit the ball. Pitching is quite easy; you have multiple types of options for pitching – curve, slider, and four-seam.

Baseball Clash Launches On Mobile

Baseball Clash offers realistic baseball experience on mobile where you match with other players and clash in real-time. The player with the most score points at the end of the match gets the victory. As a victory reward, you get trophies, chests containing cards or in-game currency. Players can customize their team; it’s easy to add and fire the players. You can improve the players by leveling them up – all you need to have is their duplicate cards and a certain number of gold coins.

It plays in landscape mode – so you will get a wide view of the baseball matches. Other than the real-time clash mode, there is a practice mode where you practice with high-level pitchers and improve hitting shots. The graphics, animations, and controls are amazing.

You can connect the game to your Facebook account and save progress. Speaking of monetization, it does not contain ads. IAPs are here; you can buy the season pass and gems with real money. The gem is the premium in-game currency that you can use for the chests; from the chests, you get the cards/players. Baseball Clash game features over 30 cards/players; pitchers, fielders, catchers.

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