Battle Bouncers Game Review – Fun, But Difficult!

Battle Bouncers – RPG Legendary Brick Breakers is a new mobile game by Game Hive Corporation. Read on for Battle Bouncers game review

Battle BouncersThe creators of the Tap Titans game series has recently published a new mobile game on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It’s a simple game where you create the squad of different heroes to crush the enemies and their boss. The game is based on the classic brick breaker game mechanics – but has unqiue RPG elements. You will get to build the squad of heroes having unqiue skills. Let’s take a look at our Battle Bouncers game review!

Battle Bouncers Game

  • Name – Battle Bouncers
  • Genre – RPG
  • Type – Online
  • Monetization – Ads, IAPs
  • Publisher – Game Hive Corporation
  • Availability – Android, iOS


As said above, it’s based on the classic brick breaker game mechanics; you will aim and shoot the magic balls to break the bricks and attack the monsters. Along with the bricks, there are monsters behind the walls who can attack you with their skills on their turn. Aiming, shooting, and crushing all the enemies/bricks before they invade your heroes is the door to the victory.

Battle Bouncers has three game modes. The first one is the campaign mode, which is unlocked by default. The two other game modes are heroic and tower. For the tower mode, you will need to reach level 10. And, for the heroic mode, you need to earn 100 stars by completing the campaign mode stages. Heroic mode and tower mode are difficult than the campaign mode. It starts easy but gets difficult later.

Heroes, Loot Boxes, And Gacha

Heroes are the main characters. You will add them to the team to fight enemies in the battles. Their skills can help you fight hordes of enemies. There are three classes of heroes; support, defenders, and heroes. To collect the heroes, you will need to open the loot boxes; the chests. These chests contain their shards. Also, these chests are not free – you will need to spend hundreds of diamonds to get these chests. Speaking of the diamond, it’s a valuable currency that you can use in the shop for the chests, gold, hero shards, etc.

Earning diamonds is not easy – thanks to limited ways of acquiring it by playing the game. Clearing the quests can give you diamonds – but it would not be enough to open loads of hero chests.


Battle Bouncers game’s graphics, animations, controls are good. The UI is clean. It’s easy to play. The controls are beginner-friendly.


Well, everything is good except for the P2W mechanics. Because of the high-difficulty in later stages, you will hit a paywall and might stuck there for days. It could be improved by balancing the stages, making more f2p friendly, giving more ways to earn free diamonds, etc. Being a f2p player, you will have to grind a lot. Also, keep in mind that there is an energy system.

Other than P2W mechanics, it’s a great game with an amazing mix of the brick breaker and RPG system. We would rate it 3/5 stars.

If you are new to the game, you can read the Battle Bouncers guide here.

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