Games Like Archero For Android/iPhone 2020

Looking for the games similar to Archero? Read on for best games like Archero for Android/iPhone where you shoot down the enemies, progress through chapters

Habby’s Archero has brought a new genre to the mobile and lots of other developers have developed similar types of games. In these types of games, players progress through chapter-by-chapter, smash down the enemies, picks new skills, and make the upgrades to get stronger. If you are looking for games like Archero, then you are on the right page. In today’s post, we have shared the list of best games like Archero. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Games Like Archero For Android/iPhone: –

Following are the best games like Archero: –

Arcade Hunter

Best Games Like ArcheroArcade Hunter game is published by ONESOFT on Google Play Store. On iOS, it’s published by ABIGAMES PTE. LTD.  We had no idea of this game of being available on the Play Store – recently while trying out a mobile game, we saw its ad and gave it a shot. Well, it turned out to be a game like Archero. In the game, you proceed through the chapter mode featuring lots of dungeons guarded by numerous types of monsters. You will control the character with a joystick – the character attacks the foes automatically when you stop moving it. As you pass the dungeons, slay down the monsters, level up, you will get to choose the skill to improve the character’s parameters or grant a special stat.

Archer’s Tale

Games Like ArcheroArcher’s Tale by Babil Games LLC offers the same experience as offered by Archero. The top-down perspective view gameplay where you control the main character and move him on the battlefield; dodging the enemy attacks and invading them with the weapons. As you proceed further to the next dungeons, new enemies with unique abilities pop-out. Also, there is a great set of skills that you can choose from.

Monster Killer

Games Like ArcheroMonster Killer by Pride Game Studio is the best game like Archero where you hunt the monsters in the dungeons and loot the resources to strengthen the main character and his abilities.

Hunter: Master of ArrowsBest Games Like Archero

Hunter: Master of Arrows is among the top best games like Archero; here you will be playing as the hunter and shoot the enemies with the bow/arrows. It features lots of chapters – each chapter with challenging stages to complete – where you will face many types of enemies having different abilities. In each level, you will face different strength of monsters – you have a bow to crush the enemies. Grind the loot and upgrade the hunter to make him stronger.

Death Rush

Best Games Like ArcheroDeath Rush is a new archero-style mobile game, published by Reality Squared Games on Google Play Store. Here you will be playing as a shooter and use the guns to shoot down the enemies. The graphics, animations, gameplay, controls are pretty good. At the time of writing this post, this game is in beta. So there might be some issues.

So this would be all in this post on the best games like Archero for Android/iPhone iOS. If you know more games like Archero, share it with us in the comment section below. We would love to add them to this list.

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