Best MMORPGs Android & iOS 2020

If you are tired of auto-play, P2W MMORPGs, take a look at the top best MMORPG Android & iOS 2020 – list of best mobile MMORPGs

We have been covering mobile MMORPGs for a while now. Modern MMORPGs on Android & iOS do feature good graphics – but what’s the point of playing them when the game mechanics are fully auto? If you have been following the mobile MMORPGs, you might have noticed how these games run automatically. All you do is watch the gameplay – auto-navigation, auto-battle, lots of things happening on the screen, VIP,  etc. We have tried our best and shared a list of best MMORPG Android & iOS to play in 2020 – with no autoplay system, f2p, a great community of people. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content.

List Of Best MMORPGs Android & iOS 2020

Following is the list of best massively multiplayer online role-playing games on Android & iOS –

Mirage Realms MMORG 2020

Best MMO MMORPGs Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required – 100%

Mirage Realms is one of the best MMORPGs out there on Google Play Store. It does not have any ads, autoplay, P2W mechanics. IAPs are there – but they would benefit other players too; thanks to the brilliant way of monetization. For example – if someone buys EXP scroll(more EXP) from the realm store, then everyone playing in the realm would get the benefit.

You start by creating the account; you can use an email address to start the game. It gives you three slots so that you can create up to three characters. There are three classes to choose from; knight – melee, mage – spells/CC, ranger – DPS. After that, you get to select the gender; male, female.

Once you are all done with the character selection; naming, gender, and username, you can enter the realm and start exploring, grinding stuff. There is a D-Pad in the bottom-left corner that you can use to navigate the character. To communicate with NPCs, players, attack monsters, all you need to do is tap. You can trade with other players. There are lots of areas to explore. There is also a chat mode that you can access by tapping the bubble message button on the top-right. Other features include fishing, crafting gears, cooking, etc. You will have a lot of fun playing this MMORPG.

As of now, it’s in the beta stage – many players are playing it! Join them and get the best MMORPG experience on mobile!

Rucoy Online

Best MMO MMORPGs Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required: 100%

Rucoy Online is another great MMORPG for Android where you get to play as a sword knight, archer, and wizard. Each character uses a different gear. You can switch to any class at any time. Also, each class offers a unqiue spell that you can unleash for more damage. You can log in to the game with your Google Play Games account.

Navigation and attacking controls are easy. All you need to do is touch the tile where you want to move, select the target that you want to attack. On the bottom-left side, you have spells and potions options. Start slaying down the beasts on the map and grind gold coins.

Make sure to name your character to get access to other functions such as chat, shop, friends, etc. Speaking of IAPs; you can buy diamonds and increase the friends’ capacity, get cosmetics/outfits, and change the name.

3D MMORPG Villagers

Best MMO MMORPGs Android iOS iPhone

Attention Required: 100%

Till now in this list, you have checked the 2D MMOs. Villagers & Heroes is a 3D MMORPG available on Android, as well as on iOS. You can start playing as a guest or register an account to save progress. After that, you will get to customize the character; male, female, personality, skin color, face style, eye, hair, hair-style, and there are lots of customizations out there that you can use to build the best looking character.

Once you are all done with the character customization, you will get to choose a realm; there are over (5) realms that you can choose. Depending on the realm you choose, you will get the starting supplies and a trait.

After that, you get to select the class; warrior, hunter, wizard, priest, shaman are the five classes available in this great MMO game. Each class uses a unqiue weapon and possesses different skills. If you have been playing MMORPGs, then you would already know how the class system works. Warrior is the tank, Hunter is the DPS, Wizard uses spells, Priest is the healer, and Shaman excels in multiple roles.

After choosing the class, you will get to choose the gear. There are two gears available for each class – at the start of the game. Once you are all done with the character customization, class, gear selection, you name the character and enter the vast MMO world; quests, story-line, grinding, fishing, crafting, PvE battles, etc.

There is no auto-play. Monetization is fair/f2p friendly; not heavily P2W or Pay-to-play. But, it does offer some perks that you can get and speed up progress. The graphics are great. There is no PvP. If you like grinding stuff, casual gameplay, then this mobile MMO would be a good pick.


best MMORPGs Android & iOS 2020

Attention Required: 100%

You must have heard about this one. One of the oldest MMORPGs is now on mobile. You can play it for free. IAPs include the membership where you get the new content, more skills, quests, and access to a large map. You can enjoy the demo version – without membership. You will start by signing in – if you are a member, then make sure to select the member world. By default, it is set to the free world.

You can master a lot of skills; fishing, mining, rune-crafting, woodcutting, and there are many more. Level up, build your skills, and enjoy!


best MMORPGs Android & iOS 2020

Attention Required: 100%

AQ3D – Adventure Quest 3D MMORPG is another f2p friendly game available on Android & iOS platforms. You can start playing it as a guest or log in with FB or AQ3D Account. At the start of the game, you can choose one of the three available classes; mage, warrior, and rogue. Each character class offers a unique set of skills. There are lots of customizations to apply to the character; hair, hair color, tee, etc. Once done, you name the character and enter the dungeon. The graphics are nice. You use the joystick in the bottom-left to control the character. Controls are smooth and responsive. There are skills in the bottom-right that you can cast to slay down the wraiths and bosses.

You can play battles manually. Follow the quests, slay down the enemies, grind EXP, level up, rank-up, unlock new skills, and enjoy the best MMO experience on mobile.

Speaking of monetization, you can buy dragon crystals and spend on the chests for cosmetic items. Cosmetic items do not provide any sort of buff.

MMORPG Toram Online

best MMORPGs Android & iOS 2020

Attention Required: 100%

RPG Toram Online is a popular MMORPG by Asobimo games. It does not have PvP, auto-play. IAPs are there to buy premium currency – F2P players can progress without spending money. The graphics are nice. You will get the feel of WOW and Monster Hunter. Another best thing is customizations – there is a lot of stuff to apply to the character that you play. Great map, graphics, gameplay, customizations, combat – what more you need?

Note – make sure that you have a fast internet connection and a good device. If you are on Android, you can check the requirements on the Google Play Store page.

Mystera Legacy MMORPG

best MMORPGs Android & iOS 2020

Attention Required: 100%

Mystera Legacy is another one of the best MMORPGs for Android with no ads, IAPs, auto-play, and VIP system. You can play as a guest or sign up with an email account after choosing the server. The tutorial quests teach you the basics; like navigation, grinding, crafting stuff. There is a D-Pad in the bottom-left that you can use in navigating the character. To gather the resources, you just face it and tap the action button. After that, your character will start mining, chopping, gathering.

Farm the resources and craft gears to fight high-level monsters. It has sandbox elements; you get to build a ton of other stuff other than the gears; wooden chair, campfire, wall, table, signpost, etc. Keep doing activities such as farming resources, fighting monsters to grind EXP and level up. There is a lot of things to discover!

If you love grinding and crafting stuff, give this game a shot.

So this would be all in this post on best MMORPGs Android & iOS 2020 – no auto-play, pay-to-win, f2p friendly! Share your recommendations in the comment section below. We will continue to update this list with fresh content.

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