Bleach: Immortal Soul Review – Nothing Special

Bleach: Immortal Soul is an anime RPG for Android & iOS featuring the turn-based strategy gameplay. Read on for a brief Bleach: Immortal Soul game review

Bleach: Immortal SoulOasis Games recently released a brand new bleach game Bleach: Immortal Soul on mobile. This one is similar to their already released One-Punch Man: Road to Hero game. If you have played that game, you will see a lot of same stuff – but with Bleach skin. Also, somehow it appears to be another copy of “AFK Arena” with landscape gameplay. So there is nothing special; no creative game modes, gameplay! Let’s check out our brief review of Bleach: Immortal Soul.

Bleach: Immortal Soul

  • Name – Bleach: Immortal Soul
  • Genre; Idle gacha RPG with turn-based strategy gameplay
  • Type – Online
  • Publisher – Oasis Games
  • Availability – Android, iOS


There are mainly three game modes in the game; the story mode, which you can play in normal and elite mode. Other than that, you have a PvP arena mode to play where you fight other players’ teams. And, at last, the challenge mode; it’s subdivided into multiple game modes like Seireitei Challenge, Soul Society Orders, and Extreme Challenge.

For each mode of Bleach: Immortal Soul, you can set up a different formation. In the story mode, you are allowed to deploy the six characters. In the elite mode, you are allowed to deploy the nine characters. And, for the arena, you have six slots for the characters.

Speaking of the battle, your goal would be defeating the waves of enemies and their boss as soon as possible. You will use the hero’s skills to inflict damage or another effect. A Hero has six skills; mastery skill, rage skill, and four passive/trait skills.

Tapping the characters’ icon unleash the mastery skill and as the battle progresses, their rage will go up – at max, you will be able to unleash their ultimate rage skill. Other passive skills are activated automatically.

Is there any strategy involved? Well, building the team is the important part. You will have to consider the characters’ skills; passive, active, and rage for building a perfect team in Bleach: Immortal Soul.

The auto-team building, auto-battle functions are there to ease the system.

Graphics, Animations

Graphics, animations, music are great. You will love the story mode where you explore the beautifully crafted town – there you will interact with the characters, progress further through the story-line, fight the enemies, and it’s enjoyable. Battle animations are also good; every character plays the skill differently. Rage skill attack animations are amazing. So in terms of graphics, animations, story-mode, Bleach: Immortal Soul shines a lot!

Gacha System

This is what ruins the game. The shard system is meh! The drop rates are way too low. It will take ages to collect/upgrade the UR characters. Here are the drop rates: –

  • UR Character Shard – 10.2%(Only shard)
  • SR Character(8.8%)
  • SSR Character(2.2%)
  • R Character(5.2%)
  • Soul Jade(5.0%)
  • Other Character Shards(58.6%)
  • Others (7.0%)
  • Gold(3.0%)

On top of that, only getting the character is not enough. You will need to get more of their shards so that you can promote them. Soul Jade is the premium in-game currency that allows you to summon the characters & their shards in Bleach: Immortal Soul.


Graphics, animations are good. But it’s another cash grab p2w game with toxic gacha/shard system + VIP System. Sooner you will hit the paywall. Speaking of gameplay, there is nothing special. It’s similar to their old game One Punch Man Road to Hero with some of the content that seems to be borrowed from popular AFK RPG AFK Arena. We would rate it 3/5 stars. Give it a try if you play for fun.

If you are new to the game, you can check the Bleach Immortal Soul codes and guide, tips here.

So this would be all in this brief review.

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