Bless Mobile Is A New MMORPG For Mobile

Joycity Corp has just published a stunning new MMORPG Bless Mobile for Android on Google Play Store. Read on for Bless Mobile game overview

Bless Mobile is a new MMORPG featuring four tribes and five different classes. At the start of the game, you will pick a tribe, then class, and create a character; lots of character customization options are available; body, face, outfits, etc. After that, you will name the character and start the journey in a beautifully crafted world map where you will interact with lots of NPCs and fight a variety of creatures, their boss to grind the rewards. Speaking of gameplay, it’s the same as other classic MMORPGs. The download size for Bless Mobile game is around 2GB on Android. We have no info on the iOS version yet.

Bless Mobile Launches On Mobile – Gameplay –

The mobile port of Bless online offers five unqiue classes to play – you will have five character slots at each server – allowing you to experience all the classes. Players can delete and create their class character any time they want. As said above, Bless Mobile plays like all other mobile MMORPGs. You will touch the quests and progress through the story mode. Grind the gears, currencies, and make the character powerful. The graphics are quite good. But there seems to be no creativeness in the gameplay field. The version we played had Korean/English language – some parts of the game were entirely in Korean.

You can link the game with Google, Facebook, Apple, and an Email account to save the progress.

Highlights: –

  • Size – 2GB
  • Publisher/Developers; Neowiz, Joycity Corp.
  • Type – Online
  • Five Classes
  • Four Tribes
  • Skill Build System
  • Adventure Mode
  • Life Skills
  • Pets
  • Mounts
  • Trade Market
  • Archangel
  • Equipment Building; Gems, Enhancement

So this would be all in this Bless Mobile game overview.

If you are new to the game, you can read the class guide here.

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