Blue Archive Is Now Out Globally

Blue Archive is a brand new gacha RPG, published by Nexon on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Here’s everything you need to know about this game

Blue Archive Gamelay

Blue Archive plays in landscape mode and offers a variety of game modes where you will have to set up the best formation packed with the best dolls or characters that you. These characters have unique EX skills that you can unleash during the battle. You will start with the missions or farming or PvE game mode where you can grind items that make the character stronger.

Speaking of other game modes, there is PvP, raid, and special request game modes. Each mode is unique and has unique rules to winning the battles. You are tasked to build the best team of dolls or characters to fight enemies and their bosses.

As you progress further through the PvE mode, your level will increase and the game will let you access more game modes. To beat the powerful enemies, you must power up the dolls or characters through leveling, equipment, and other modes of upgrades.

Speaking of characters, Blue Archive features plenty of dolls; each one possesses the unique normal skill, sub-skill, EX skill, and the passive skill. You can recruit the characters using gacha currency. At the time of launch, the game gives you enough currency to roll at least 3 times – 10 characters per pull.

You must get familiar with the characters’ skills and know their strengths so that you can use them effectively.

If you are going to start this game, we must tell you that you need an active internet connection and have enough data as the resource file size is big; 2GB.

Make sure to follow the game’s Reddit, FB, Discord channels to keep an eye on the updates and freebies. New updates are going to bring new banners featuring new dolls or characters.

If you have just started plating this awesome RPG, make sure to read the Blue Archive Tier List and Reroll Guide. Another new game is also going to release, the name is Revived Witch. If you are going to play this game too, this Revived Witch tier list and reroll guide will help you a lot.

So that’s all we have in this post on Blue Archive. Players can get the game for free from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is a f2p title, with IAPs.

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