Bowling Star: Strike Is A New Mobile Game By FTT

4: 33(FourThirtyThree) recently launched a brand new mobile game Bowling Star: Strike on Google Play Store where two players clash in the bowling alley

Bowling Star Strike GameFourThirtyThree Inc., well-known for the popular Boxing Star game recently expanded the game portfolio with a brand new release “Bowling Star: Strike”. We have been playing this game for a while now and it’s been great so far. It has nice graphics, animations, and the gameplay is pretty smooth. Also, the controls – you just drag the ball and release when the needle is in the right direction. It matches you with a random player in the bowling match where you both get an equal number of rounds to play. The player who scores more wins the match. As a reward, you will get the bag, stars, and league points. There is no energy system in the game – you can play as many matches as you want – it’s endless. But the rewards are limited.

Bowling Star: Strike Launches On Mobile

It features multiple game modes; event mode and the tour mode. You start the game from the tour mode where you clash with another player in the bowling alley and show your skills. As said above, the gameplay and controls are good, beginner-friendly. All you have to do is give your best in all the rounds and try to knock down all the pins to score more than the opponent. It gives you a new ball as you reach the next tour. The default balls are pretty good. Other than that, you can get more balls from the bags.

The two currencies in the game that you will be using the most are gold bars and silver coins. Silver coins for the tour matches and upgrades. And, the gold bars for shopping and bag stuff. You get to upgrade the balls once you have enough replicate cards. Win matches, earn bags, open bags to get cards, upgrade your balls, and become stronger.

So this would be all in this post on Bowling Star: Strike game overview. What do you think about the game? Share your opinions in the comment section below. If you are new to the game, check out this guide for beginners.

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