Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade – By ThinkBIT Solutions

Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade is a new arcade game for mobile. It is released by ThinkBIT Solutions on Google Play Store on January 21, 2020

Brawl Quest: Alice BrigadeThinkBIT Solutions has just released a brand new game called Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade. It is a simple arcade-style fighting game where you play as a brawler and fight the enemies. You will progress stage-by-stage and earn stars, which are required to unlock new fighting locations. Starting from the Hide Out, then Food Fight, ShowBI2, and Secret Lab – there are lots of stages with increasing difficulty. The controls are pretty simple – all you need to do is tap the screen to attack the enemy, drag up/down to for navigation, a quick swipe to dodge. Brawlers have ultimate abilities that they can use during the fight and smash down the enemies.

Brawl Quest: Alice Brigade Game –

Brawlers are the main characters in Braw Quest: Alice Brigade. You can unlock them by collecting Caps – Cap is like the character’s shard. Once you have enough Caps of a particular brawler, you can unlock him/her. In a fight, you can bring only one Brawler. Brawlers are of different types; rock, paper, paper, scissors. And, you can make them powerful by leveling them up or raising the potential(you will need his/her Caps).

There is also a pet function that unlocks when you complete the 2-6 stage. You can play each stage in two difficulty modes; easy and hard. Also, you can repeat these stages and grind Caps, Coins. The two in-game currencies are coins, gems. You can get coins or gems from the battles, by completing the daily quests or side quests. Also, by watching the video ads.

You can spend gems to buy the gacha balls in the premium shop, which contain Caps, coins, Orbs, and Pets.

Is It Worth Playing? Is It Challenging? Is It Fun?

Yep, it gets challenging as you progress through the stages – you will face more powerful enemies in difficult stages; you will have to dodge their attacks, use the abilities wisely; at the right time. The controls and the game mechanics are pretty simple – you can get familiar with them easily. Overall, a pretty fun game to play – it’s simple, offline, challenging, has good graphics, and lots of pets/characters to collect.

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