Campus: Date Sim Game Review – Is It Worth Playing?

Campus: Date Sim is a new game for Android & iOS where you sneak into girls’ campus and start flirting and dating. Read on for Campus: Date Sim game review. Amrita Studio, well-known for Jane’s Story game, recently published a new mobile game called Campus: Date Sim on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Campus Date Sim Game ReviewCampus: Date Sim Game Review

We have been playing Campus: Date Sim game for a while now. It starts with a prologue scene where you sneak into the girls’ campus. After that, one of the three girls out there will start chatting with you. There are lots of rooms in the game that you can unlock; in each room, you will find beautiful girls. You can talk, date to them, and increase the bond level. The goal is to date all the girls featured in the game. You will buy them gifts, start dating, and as you progress, you will discover their hot outfits. Let’s check out the Campus: Date Sim game review.

F2P Vs P2W Review

Dating girls is not gonna be cheap; you will need a lot of bucks to date the girls in the game. As a f2p player, you will earn bucks from the slot machine; spin the slot and get random rewards. You could get girls’ dress, bucks, opportunity to steal bucks by spinning the slots. Without bucks, you would not be able to buy them gifts and start date/chat. As you progress further next rooms or secret rooms, you will need a huge amount of bucks.

From our perspective, Campus: Date Sim is not a f2p friendly game – the amount of cash you get from the slot machine would barely help you progress. You will have to watch a lot of video ads for extra bucks.

Gameplay Review

Well, there is not much in the gameplay part. All you do is spin the slot machines, get bucks, spend on the gifts, start talking to girls, and then wait until the energy recovers so that you can spin again and get more bucks. Once you are low on energy or cash, there is nothing much to do.

Chatting and flirting part is good. The girls in the game are gorgeous. But it gets boring in a few minutes as you can spend all the bucks and energy quickly – and, after that, you get nothing to do. 

Monetization Review

It’s monetized by ads and IAPs. Players can watch video ads for free cash. IAPs include bucks, energy(energy is required to spin the slots), and secret room stuff(charm). You can use bucks in buying gifts for the girls. Also, in the shop, you can use bucks to get the chests containing dress cards for the girls. IAPs are very expensive.

Final Review

We would rate it 3/5 stars. Highlights: –

  • Graphics are good
  • Chatting/flirting with beautiful girls
  • Too slow for f2p players
  • Poor rewards from slot machine
  • The gameplay is short and gets boring once you spent all the energy and bucks

So this would be all in this post on Campus: Date Sim game review. Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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