Catapolis: Grand Pet Game Review – A Kitty Simulator

Catapolis: Grand Pet Game by LiftApp LLC is a brand new mobile game with AR technology where you raise the kitten, your virtual friend

CatapolisLiftApp LLC, the publisher of My Cat – Virtual Pet game has recently released a brand new game called Catapolis: Grand Pet Game. The app’s size is around 115 MB on Android and it is available for free to download from Google Play Store. LifetApp LLC released this game on February 5, 2020. Let’s have look at our Catapolis: Grand Pet Game review!

About The Game: –

  • Name – Catapolis
  • Genre – Simulation
  • Size – 117 MB
  • Release Date – February 5, 2020
  • Availability – Google Play Store
  • Platforms – Android

Catapolis: Grand Pet Game Gameplay

Catapolis is a kitty simulator game where you will adopt the kittens and take care of them. If you have ever played games like My Tamagotchi Forever, then you know the job! At the start of the game, the guy who guides you throughout the game tells you to adopt a cat and name it. You will feed and play with the cat in this tutorial activity and then it takes you to the AR mode, which seems to be the premium function.

It will ask you to continue with the premium subscription by tapping the green color continue button or with the limited edition(tap the line/message; continue with the limited edition to progress).

Being a cat lover, you will enjoy it a lot – the cat’s animations – those sad reactions when the cat denies the food, happy reactions when they are hungry, their cute actions when you stroke gently, etc. are too cute.

There is a mini-game(match 3 puzzle) that you can play for coins and diamonds. These are the two in-game currencies in Catapolis game that you can use to shop items like food, sleeping bed, toilet, toys, cats, and decorations.

Monetization: –

The Catapolis game is monetized by in-game ads, IAPs. You can watch video ads for coins, gems and for an instant function like when you want to wake up the cat from sleep. IAPs include subscription-based service and diamonds.

Final Words On Catapolis: Grand Pet Game: –

The only drawback is it’s not f2p player-friendly. Yeah, you can earn currencies by playing the game – but it would take a lot of time to grind. Also, the AR function, which is the main highlight of the game is the premium function. Other than that, graphics, animations, content, and gameplay is good. We would rate it 4/5 stars.

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