Cats & Magic: Dream Kingdom Is Now Out

Cats & Magic: Dream Kingdom is a new mobile game, published by Creative Mobile Games, where you recruit the cats, build and expand catland

Creative Mobile Games, the publisher behind Nitro Nation Drag & Drift, Drag Racing, and many other popular games has just released a brand new mobile game called Cats and Magic: Dream Kingdom. It’s a simple casual game where cats, with the help of their magical abilities, save the world. As a player, you will help them rebuild their dream kingdom, Catland. The current version of the game features 35 cats/heroes to collect.

Cats & Magic: Dream Kingdom Is Now Available

You can play this game offline. The game takes you to the cat kingdom, Catland, where the cats live a luxury life. There is a portal in the kingdom that leads you to the dream worlds where cats can find the magic, which helps you restore the kingdom. It’s the expedition mode where you select the heroes; cats and start searching the area. There would be several cursed tiles that you will have to check for the Vials of Magic.

In each expedition, you get a different goal that you must complete to progress further. Completing the expedition rewards coins, kitty shards. Kitty Shards are required to unlock the cats. There are amazing cats in the game with unqiue skills. For example – St. Whiskers with the ability to show the content of a tile.

Earn gold by completing the expedition, build/restore/upgrade the facilities, raise the catland hall and grow your kingdom. The facilities or the buildings in the town produce resources(cat food), stores the in-game currency – each one has its purpose.  It’s a simple game – easy to learn, offline, graphics are great. Although, it’s not much challenging.

Character System – you can feed the cats and level them up.

So this would be all in this post on Cats & Magic: Dream Kingdom overview.

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