Chronicle of Infinity Is A New ARPG by Neocraft

Chronicle of Infinity is a brand new mobile game by Neocraft Limited featuring stunning graphics and action-packed gameplay. Read on for Chronicle of Infinity game overview

Neocraft, one of the popular mobile game publishers, recently announced a brand new game called Chronicle of Infinity. At the time of writing this post, it’s in beta on Android & iOS platforms. The CBT starts from today; May 4th – the servers are up. CBT Region – Philippines. You will start by picking one of the three roles; Phantom, Dragoon, and Arcania. All these three characters are beautifully designed and have superb skills. You can log in to the game as a guest or bind the account with Google Play Games, Facebook, Gamecenter/Apple ID, or Neocraft account.

Chronicle of Infinity CBT Starts From Today

The graphics visuals are amazing. You can switch to the high-FPS mode in the settings for the best view. Speaking of battles, early on, you will be fighting the monsters manually – there seems to be no auto-battle mode in the beginning – so far we have tried. You will use the joystick on the bottom-left to control the main character; there are skill buttons on the right side. It’s the same as other mobile action RPGs where you cast the skills and inflict damage.

Speaking of progression, it starts with the story mode where you follow the chapter stages with increasing difficulty. On each stage, there will be ruthless monsters to crush you. You are gonna show them who is the best one out there. Dodge their attacks, unleash your skills, and send them to hell! You will enjoy the combat. It’s not like other auto-idle MMORPGs.

Other than that, you have PvE adventure modes such as Obsidian recipe, tree of war, EXP dungeon, coin dungeon – these are the game modes where you farm the items and invest in the main character to get powerful.

PvP game modes include the arena, treasure hunt, battle royale Apex Guerilla. Also, it has casual game modes such as match-3, quiz, pet training.

Speaking of IAPs – diamond packages, VIP, level fund, and resource voucher that gives you diamonds. There is no info on whether the game is F2P friendly or highly P2W. it sure does the perks to players who spend real money – through the VIP thing.

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