Best Cooking Games For Android & iOS 2020

If you love cooking and looking for the best cooking games for Android & iOS 2020, then you would love to check this list of cooking games (suitable for girls, kids, boys, and adults)

We have been covering mobile cooking games for a while now. There are lots of cooking games available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. In most of these games, you will be proceeding level-by-level, – at each level, you will serve the customers by cooking the ordered recipes in time. There is no shortage of games based on this standard system. Probably, you might have already played cooking games like this. In this list, we have eliminated these types of games and shared the ones that are different and fun with ingredient grinding and cooking appliances mechanics. The list features free and premium cooking games with the description of whether the game is suitable for kids, girls, boys, and adults. So, without much further ado, let’s get started and find out the best cooking game available on Android & iOS devices.

Best Cooking Games For Android & iOS

Following is the list of top-notch cooking games for Android & iOS devices; loved by girls, boys, adults, and the kids –

Food Truck Pup: Cooking Chef

Best Cooking Games Android iOS For Girls Kids BoysFood Truck Pup is the cutest cooking game that you will find on Android & iOS. Whether you are a kid, girl, boy, or an adult, you will love this game. The main character in this game is Shiba Inu(Dog) who owns a food truck and makes living by selling the food items to nearby NPCs. It’s pretty easy to play – first, you gather the ingredients and then use the kitchen appliances in the food truck to cook delicious food recipes. And, at last, you can sell it to the customers for money. Other than that, it has some sorts of RPG elements and decorative stuff; you can buy clothes, furniture to decorate the food truck – also, you will have to take care of the main character dog; shower daily, eat, and sleep.

Cooking Quest: Food Wagon Adventure

Best Cooking Games Android iOS For Girls Kids BoysCooking Quest: Food Wagon Adventure is one of the best cooking games for Android & iOS – suitable for girls, kids, and boys. In the game, you will have a food wagon to sell the food items to the customers in that area. You get the chefs to cook recipes. To cook the recipes, you will need ingredients. For ingredients, you will send the heroes in different areas. It has a ton of recipes to discover and use to cook delicious food that you can sell the people. It has RPG elements, cooking is fun/idle, graphics are nice, and the gameplay is fun.

BonBon Cakery

Best Cooking Games Android iOS For Girls Kids BoysBonBon Cakery is a cute little cooking game available on Google Play Store & iOS App Store. It’s published by Kairosoft on both the platforms. You will have a small cakery shop in the town to manage – where you will be selling the delicious yummy food items. First, you will cook the cake – you are free to choose the ingredients. With different ingredients, you can develop a unqiue flavor – the goal is to please the customers. Cook the best cake ever and satisfy the customers! It’s easy to play – the tutorial is well-polished; it teaches you everything that you need to know to go pro from a beginner.

Cooking Battle

Best Cooking Games Android iOS For Girls Kids BoysCooking Battle is another one of the best cooking games for mobile. In the game, you will be competing with other chefs in fast-paced cooking battles. You can play with friends or solo – to win the cooking battle, you will have to cook the delicious and tasty dishes – better than the rivals. Its graphics are awesome. The characters are beautifully designed. And, the gameplay is challenging and fun. You will love competing with rivals in the addictive and most competitive cooking battle game.

RPG Mareninan Tavern Story

Best Cooking Games Android iOS For Girls Kids BoysIf you are looking for a cooking RPG, you will love KEMCO’s RPG Mareninan Tavern Story. Like all other KEMCO games, this one is unique and fun to play. You will embark on a food fantasy adventure where you will explore, gather the ingredients, and cook delicious dishes. It also has fighting elements; in your exploration, you will find the enemies to fight for the resources. Collect the ingredients, cook the recipes, and sell.

Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve

Best Cooking Games Android iOS For Girls Kids BoysHunt Cook is a pretty fun cooking game where you hunt the animals for meat and use it in cooking the recipes. There are over 50 recipes to collect. You will be hunting the animals, cooking the recipes and selling them for money. You will have a restaurant to manage. The graphics are cute, the cooking concept is pretty fun and challenging.

Order Up!! To Go

Best Cooking Games Android iOS For Girls Kids BoysOrder Up!! To Go is published by SuperVillain Studios on Google Play Store. It’s the best cooking out there for Android on Google Play Store. Unlike other games, Order Up!! To Go gives you a realistic cooking experience where only tapping the things would not be the only thing that you do. You will have to perform plenty of things to cook a perfect dish; chopping, slicing, firing, etc. In most of the similar games, you just tap the item and that’s it. But, that’s not the thing in this game as you get to do all the things manually.

So that’s all for now in this post on the best cooking games for Android & iOS 2020 for kids, boys, and girls. If you have any more suggestions, comment below. Which cooking game do you like the most? Do you play on Android or iOS? What sorts of features do you wish a cooking game must have?

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