Counter Side Guide For Beginners

ZlongGames recently released the English version of Counter Side on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Read this Counter Side guide for beginners. Officially released on May 18, 2021, Counter Side has already surpassed 100K + downloads within a day and it may surpass 1M downloads or more within a few days. At the time of writing this, the game is available in SEA countries. Counter Side Guide

Counter Side Guide For Beginners⇓

The following Counter Side guide covers the basics of the game: –

Battle Guide

In the battle, you will deploy the units on the battlefield. To deploy the units, you will need deployment resources that recover gradually after you spend ’em all. When the unit is deployed, it will start fighting the enemies automatically. You just drag the unit and drop it on the combat field. You will win the battle once you defeat the boss. If enemies destroy your ship, you will lose the battle or if you exceed the time limit, you will lose the battle.

To protect the ship from enemies, you will deploy the units. You should deploy the defender role units in the front because they can absorb a lot of damage.

Battle Roles

Striker role units have an advantage over Ranger units. Ranger units have an advantage over Defender units. Defender units have an advantage over Sniper units. And, Sniper units have an advantage over Striker units.

Units Guide

Units or Employees are the characters that you use in the fight. There are three types of units in this game; Counter, Soldier, and Mech. Counter units unleash powerful skills. Soldier units cost fewer resources. Mech units are simple but perform well.

These units have skills; normal skill, special skill, ultimate skill, and passive skill.

You can make units powerful by leveling them up, through skill upgrades, implants, limit break(increase star level), gear, etc.

Units Roles Guide

In Counter Side, units belong to seven roles; Stiker units are well-rounded Vanguard(ATK), Ranger units unleash long-ranged ATKs, Sniper units unleash ultra-long-ranged ATKs, Defenders are good in shield allies and fighting from the front. Supporter units are good in healing, buffing allies. Siege units attack bosses. And tower units are defensive units that don’t move.

Progression & Farming Guide

Those who just started playing Counter Side should consider progression through operation mode -> Main Stream; it features episodes that grant good rewards and you can play this game mode in normal and hard difficulty settings.

  • Play the simulation mode to earn appraisal, skill training data, aptitude core
  • Play Supply Operation mode to earn Appraisal Training Data Catalyst, APT Core/Ship Material/Conversion Approval, Unit Data, Gear/Mod/Crafting Material, Ship Components

Others: –

  • Check out the missions; daily missions, weekly missions, achievements, etc. for more rewards

If you are just starting, we would recommend you to check out Counter Side Tier List & Selective Summon Reroll and Counter Side Coupon Codes.

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