Critical Ops: Reloaded Review – A New FPS Game By NHN Corp.

C-Ops: Reloaded or Critical Ops: Reloaded is a new first-person shooter game for mobile by NHN Corp. Read on for Critical Ops: Reloaded review

Critical Ops: Reloaded ReviewCritical Ops: Reloaded Review

NHN Corp., well-known for Crusaders Quest game, recently released a top-notch FPS game called Critical Ops: Reloaded on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It sets off in an exciting battlefield where you will be fighting against real players in real-time in a variety of intense action game modes. We have been playing this mobile FPS game for a while now and going to share an honest review that covers all the aspects such as F2P or P2W, gameplay, graphics, controls, etc.

F2P Vs P2W Review

F2P/Free-To-Play vs P2W/Pay-To-Win: Critical Ops: Reloaded is a completely F2P game. All the players get all the guns and gear for free. There is no upgrade system to weapons and gears. You can not get any sort of advantage by spending the money. Complete fair gameplay.

Gameplay Review

The gameplay differs based on the game mode you are playing. In our opinion, the best game mode is team deathmatch as it’s more intense, fast-paced, and focuses on shooting. To win in this mode, you will want to shoot as many enemies in the given time. All the players spawn on a random map and prepare for the battle; while preparation, you can select the guns and gears. After the battle starts, chase and hunt down the enemies with headshots.

Game Modes

  • Team-Deathmatch – 5 Minutes battle where the team with the most kills win
  • Defuse – plant or defuse the bombs. Players will have to manage the cash that the game gives to shop for gears. It’s fixed for all the players. 2-minutes/per round.
  • Ranked Match – as same as the defuse game mode – but with rankings
  • Domination – capture the objectives. The team that reaches 200 points gets the victory
  • Gun Game – shooting game mode where you have to kill as many enemies as you can

Other than that, you can host private game modes.


  • Bureau
  • Canals
  • Grounded
  • Legacy
  • Plaza
  • Raid
  • Brewery
  • Division
  • Heat
  • Prison

Guns List

  • Pistols – GSR 1911, MR 96, Dual MTX, P250, XD .45
  • SMGs- MP5, MP7, P90, Vector
  • ARs – AK-47, AUG, HK417, M4, SA58, SG 551
  • Shotguns – FP6, Super 90
  • Sniper Rifles – AWP, M14, TRG 22, URation

All guns are free.

In-game currencies

  • Coins – To buy gun skins
  • Critical Cash – to open premium and special cases containing the high-tier skins
  • Gold – to open the standard case containing the gun skins

You can earn these currencies by completing the missions.

FPS/Frame Rate

Players can adjust the FPS in the settings -> graphics. It lets you set on 30 FPS, 60 FPS, 90 FPS, and 120 FPS. We played it on Oneplus 7; it was rendering around 60 FPS. You can check the FPS in the bottom-right corner while playing the game.


The default controls are good – but, you can change them in the settings to suit your gameplay style. By default, it’s set to the fixed movement pad. You can change it to a dynamic movement pad to use the whole left side of the screen for movement. Also, you can change the Aim sensitivity, Aim assistance, Scope Zoom sensitivity. You can also enable the Gyro controls in the gameplay settings; make sure to configure the Gyro sensitivity.

In the battle – after you eliminate an enemy, you can pick up its gun; all you need to do is aim over the dropped gun. Swap the weapons by tapping the weapon tab in the bottom-right corner. At a time, you can have up to two guns; SMG/AR/Sniper or a Pistol. Also, you can have a melee weapon + other gears; grenades, flash bombs, etc.


  • Players can add friends; go to game settings -> general -> there you can find the ID. Share it with friends to play together
  • Clan system

Monetization Review

Critical Ops: Reloaded has ads and IAPs. Players can spend real money and get the critical cash that can be used in the shop to buy the gun skins. Or they may add premium season function in later updates.

Final Review

We would give it 5/5 stars. Highlights: –

  • Completely fair gameplay – no pay-to-win mechanics
  • Graphics are good
  • There are lots of maps to try out
  • Competitive game modes
  • Amazing FPS gameplay on mobile
  • Fast-paced

So that’s all for now in this post on Critical Ops: Reloaded review. Share your reviews on this game in the comments.

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