Date A Live Spirit Pledge Guide & Tips: Date, Reroll, Tier List & Exchange Code

Get started with this Date A Live Spirit Pledge guide, tips & tricks walkthrough that covers reroll guide, tier list, spirits BP and sephira info

Date A Live Spirit Pledge Guide TipsDate A Live Spirit Pledge Guide, Tips & Tricks

This Date A Live Spirit Pledge guide features tips & tricks for beginners that help them level up fast, understand the core concepts of the game like rerolling, best spirits, progression, and much more. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the DaL Spirit Pledge guide and master the game.

Initial Rerolling

To get a head start in the game, it’s better to reroll an S class character in the early game. Spirits/Characters in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game are available in multiple class grades; S Class, AA Class, A-Class, and B Class. Among all these, S class spirits or characters have better stats. So, having an S class character in the early game will help you progress fast as you will be able to pass difficult stages easily. Here’s the reroll guide: –

Reroll Guide

Rerolling in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game is pretty simple. Requirements: multiple accounts(Gmail, Email, Facebook, Google/Apple).

  • The very first step you have to do in the game is log in with a Gmail/Email or FB account. Choose any suitable option
  • Once you are logged in, you will need to continue with the tutorial
  • When you clear the stage 1-1 in the battle store mode, the game will let you skip the tutorial(wait five seconds after clearing the 1-1 stage – tap the skip button; it pops up in the upper-right corner)
  • Navigate to the main interface of the game and tap the mail option. Claim the pre-registration rewards(it includes fate badge)
  • Complete the 1-3 stage in the chapter story mode and get access to the summon function
  • Go to the summon portal -> tap summon/random -> choose a banner(rookie summon) and spend the fate badges.

Got the S class from x10 pulls? Continue playing the game. If not, start over and reroll. How to start over? Shut down the game. Open again. On the login screen, tap the “switch account” option. And, then choose another method to log in; for example – if you used a Facebook account for the first time, this time you can use an Email/Gmail or Google/Apple account.

Tier List

The tier list helps you figure out the best spirits characters in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game. Those who are new to the game and have not played the China/CN version might get confused about what are the spirits that worth investing in. In our opinion, the best top-tier spirits in the game are; Kurumi, Kotori, Shekinah Tohka, Ellen, and Origami. We recommend taking a look at this Date A Spirit Pledge tier list.

Tips To Level Up Fast

“Player Exp” is used to increase the player level. To unlock some content in the DaL Spirit Pledge, one must meet a certain level condition. The best way to level up quickly in this game is by completing the main tasks and daily tasks. Go to the main screen. Tao “order” option. It takes you to Order – Quest screen where you can see the main quests and daily quests. Daily quests give a decent amount of player EXP – so make sure to complete them regularly.

How To Get Spirits In DaL Spirit Pledge

Spirits are the characters in the DaL Spirit Pledge that you can control during the battle and cast their active skills to defeat the foes. In the early game, you will have Tohka. To get more spirits or characters, go to the summon menu. In the summon menu, players can spend fate badges or friendship points to summon the spirits/characters. Note that this is the gacha game; you might get a character or its fragments or other materials; sephira, transcend materials, EXP card, etc from the summons. It all depends on luck. Some spirits characters can be acquired from the story mode; keep doing the chapters.

Tips To Increase BP And Get Powerful

As the player continues to battle the enemies in story/chapter mode, things get difficult every stage. You are likely to encounter tough bosses and their enemy waves in the later stages of the game. So getting stronger is a must. Players in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game have many choices to get stronger; increase spirits’ BP/battle power. We have listed the top main ways to get stronger in this game below –

Level Up Spirits

With EXP Chip cards, you can grant EXP to the target spirit and level it up. Leveling up will boost stats such as attack power, spirits, defense, etc. Go to the spirit menu. Select a spirit that you want to level up. Tap the “details” option in the lower-right corner. On the next screen, tap the upgrade button. Use the EXP Chop cards and level it up. Players can acquire the EXP Chip cards from the battle story mode stages.

Transcend Crystals

Sprit -> select spirit -> details -> crystal -> transcend. Use the transcend materials to transcend the crystals; spirit will gain stats based on the crystal attributes. You can get transcend material items from the battle story mode; repeat the stages. Tap on the transcend material item to check the source of getting it.

Sephira Guide

Sephira grants stat boost and special skills to the character. A spirit character can equip multiple sephirot and get a massive boost. This is the best way to raise the BP of a spirit in Date A Live Spirit Pledge game. If you build them wisely(Equipping the best sephira for a particular character), you will enjoy more stats. To check the recommended sephira build; go to the spirit menu screen -> select the spirit -> tap the walkthrough button -> check the recommended sephira.

Players can check the complete list of Sephira in the gallery(main screen -> gallery -> sephira). They are available in 1-star to 5-star. Do not waste resources in upgrading the low-star sephira as they are not good.

You can further increase the power by enhancing the sephira.

How To Get Sephira

You can obtain sephira from the summoning portal or the story mode or the fail; sephira clash mode. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards.

Enhance The Skills

All spirits in the DaL Spirit Pledge game have unqiue active and awakening skills. You can enhance them and increase their effect; spirit -> details -> Angel -> Angel awakening.

Farm The Resources

Main screen -> battle. There are three main battle modes; story mode in which you complete the chapters and stages. From this mode, you can earn sephira, gold, EXP, transcend material items, etc.

In the daily instance mode, you will have sub-modes to enjoy; EXP clash to farm EXP, Sephira clash to farm Sephira, Gold clash to farm Gold, and Prayer clash to farm pray materials.

Event mode to farm better items/rewards/premium-currencies.

Progression Guide For Newbies

  • Follow the battle story mode; you can complete the volume(stages) in normal, hard, and hell mode
  • Do the daily quests and main quests to level up fast
  • Summon spirits; earn fate badges from main quests, exchanging the diamonds
  • Get stronger; level up, transcend, equip sephira, etc.
  • Participate in all sorts of game modes to farm resources and improve further

Date And City Guide

In Date A Live Spirit Pledge, you can date spirits and increase their favor level and improve mood. Main screen -> date. This will open the city. On the left side, you will see the spirit icons that you have – tap on the spirit -> observe -> tap the spirit -> date -> use energy to date -> increase favor level and get rewards. You can also send them gifts to improve mood or favor level.

Work In The City

Spirits can work in the city and obtain material items that you can use to craft and cook items. Go to the city screen -> work option(lower-right menu list) -> select a shop(based on the shop, you get rewards); accessory shop, doll shop, flower shop, fancy restaurant, bakery, and beverage. Choose a shop and tap start work. Come back once the work is done and get the items/rewards.

Cooking & Handcraft – Gift To Raise Favor Level

The reward items that you get by working in the shop can be used to cook the items and craft the items. Navigate to the city; cooking -> you can make bakery products, beverages, food/restaurant dishes. Handicraft; craft accessory, dolls, and flowers. You can gift these items to spirits and increase their favor level.

Exchange Codes

Need freebies? Exchange the Date A Live Spirit Pledge codes. The current code is “FB30KFollow“. Guide to redeem the exchange codes; head to the lobby(main screen). On the upper-left side, touch the spirit avatar. On the next screen, the lower-right side, tap exchange code. Check this page to keep an eye on exchange codes.

So that’s all in this Date A Live Spirit Pledge guide, tips & tricks for beginners. Got more cheats, tips, or tricks? Comment below.

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