Death Rush Is An Archero-Style Game, Now Available On Google Play Store

Reality Squared Games has just released a brand new mobile game called Death Rush. Read on for Death Rush game overview – type, gameplay, content

Death Rush Game by Reality Squared GamesThe developers of Hero Evolved game has a new game for you; it’s called Death Rush. In this game, you fight the enemies in a variety of chapters with increasing difficulty. If you have played the popular game Archero, then you don’t need any more description as Death Rush follows the same game mechanics.

Death Rush By Reality Squared Games Is Now Available

Players can download the Death Rush game for free from Google Play Store. There is no tutorial as of now – as it is in beta. If you have not played the Archero game, then here is a brief overview of this game: –

In Death Rush, you will progress through the chapters. Initial chapters are easy – but it goes challenging as you proceed further to the difficult chapters. Speaking of gameplay, you control the character with a joystick. The character will start shooting the enemies automatically as soon as you stop moving him. All you need to do is pulverize the enemies with the guns and keep going on until you reach and kill the deadly boss.

They will attack you too – dodging, saving the HP, defending the character are the main challenges.

And, as said above, those foes would be more dangerous in the difficult chapters – so you better power up the main character.

Equip the high-tier gears, upgrade them, and make the character powerful in attacking, defending. Other than the chapter mode, you can focus on the missions – complete them for the rewards.

Like Archero, there is also a skill-based system where you select the skill for the character when you reach the next level.

The graphics of the game are pretty good. You can play it offline – but you would not be able to grab the rewards from video ads.

So this would be all in this post on the Death Rush game overview.

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