DISGAEA RPG By Boltrend Games To Debut This Month

DISGAEA RPG is a mobile gacha RPG for Android & iOS platforms. Check out our Disgaea RPG overview; gameplay and game quality info!Disgaea RPG

Disgaea RPG Mobile⇓

Boltrend Games, well-known for the Idola Phantasy game, is about to launch the mobile version of Disgaea RPG on Android & iOS platforms globally, while the JP version has been available for quite a long time.

Disgaea RPG plays in portrait mode and features a great story drive gameplay featuring the characters such as Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Adell, Mao, Valvatorez, and Killia from the whole series.

You will build a team of your favorite characters and fight the powerful enemies and progress through this well-designed story mode. There are lots of characters to collect and use in the team. Each one has a unqiue set of skills, art style, and strengths.

You will assemble the team packed with these great characters to strike down the enemy team. There is PvE, PvP, and other events to keep you busy. Speaking of gameplay or battle, it’s quite easy to understand. You build the team of characters and unleash their skills to take down the enemy’s team.

There is an auto mode that you can activate if you feel the stage is easy and not worth manual strategic moves. The PvE has an energy/stamina system, just like other modern mobile RPGs. The graphics are great.

If you are new to this game, make sure to check out the Disgaea RPG tier list and reroll guide, and serial codes.

You can get the Disgaea RPG mobile for free from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Its size is over 3 GB and you will need an active internet connection.

So that’s all we got in this Disgaea RPG mini overview.

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