Dragon Epic Idle & Merge Review – A Great Mix Or Copy?

Dragon Epic – Idle & Merge – Arcade shooting game is published by ONESOFT on Google Play Store. Read on for Dragon Epic review

Dragon Epic Game ReviewDragon Epic Idle & Merge Review

We have been playing Dragon Epic Idle & Merge game for a while now. It plays in portrait mode where the player hatches the eggs to get the dragons. Then that dragon will be assisting you in the battles. Players can merge two same level dragons and get a high tier dragon. You will be progressing through the stage mode where you fight the dragon waves and you will have to deal with all of them within a given time. Victory will help you reach the next stage – while, defeat will push you back in the stage progress. There is a boss mode where you elite dragons of your squad clash against a mighty dragon for gold and stones.

F2P Vs P2W Review

For F2P players, it would be very grindy and progression will be slow as compared to the players who spend money. Being a f2p player, you will rely on hatching the eggs and merging the dragons manually. And, it would take time to get a high-tier dragon. From the P2W perspective, you can spend the gems in the shop and get tier gem packs. These tier gem packs give you high-tier dragons; no hatching, merging – you will get them directly. Also, there are several packs in the shop that you can buy to activate autoplay; it makes your life easier by hatching and merging the dragons on own.

From our perspective, the Dragon Epic game is just like other mobile games where you can progress fast by spending real money. As a F2P player, you can make use of the video ads offers or keep grinding.

Gameplay Review

Well, the gameplay is not unique. It’s similar to COM2US’s DragonSky game. We played that game a long time ago when it was published. And, to be honest, that game has better graphics than Dragon Epic. You can play Dragon Epic offline – but DragonSky is online. Speaking of gameplay, you will hatch the eggs and discover cute dragons to get assistance in the battles. In the battles, dragons shoot the enemies and you earn gold. You can use gold in a variety of upgrades to get stronger. Once you reach a certain level, you will get to access the lab function where you can invest the stones in a wide range of research fields that unlocks passive buffs and bonuses. Grind – Invest – Get Stronger – Defeat Powerful Dragons!

Your dragon squad will continue to fight while you are offline. When you come back, you can claim the idle rewards.

Monetization Review

It has ads and IAPs. Ads would not pop out while playing the game. You can watch them and get free currencies such as gold, gems stones, autoplay. IAPs include star packs featuring the high-tier dragons, autoplay, and the premium currency gem. As said above, if you spend money, you can progress fast. F2P players will have to rely on grinding and video ads offer.

Final Review

We would rate it 3/5 stars. Highlights –

  • Great PvE battles; lots of challenging stages and boss mode
  • Rewards are generous
  • Decent graphics
  • The gameplay is not unique – a copy of DragonSky(but offline)
  • Difficulty spikes later in the game; would be very grindy for F2P players

So this would be all in this Dragon Epic game review. Share your opinions in the comment section below. If you are new to the game, check out the guide and codes.

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