Dragonicle: A New MMORPG By X-Legend Overview

X-legend is all set to release its brand new Dragonicle, a MMORPG for Android & iOS where you will be embarking on epic journey of warriors in the Land of AsranDragonicle

Dragonicle Game Overview⇓

Published by X-Legend, the publisher of popular game series Aura Kingdom, Dragonicle is another MMORPG where players get to play as Archer, Paladin, Shadow Assassin, and the Mage character classes. The graphics of the game are beautiful and the gameplay is packed with a pet system, outfit system, there is a dozen of customizations for character look enhancement, and then you have marriage concept, PvP mode, and not to forget the classic main quest progression where you will be interacting with NPCs, fighting enemies, grinding resources, and developing your main character all the way to the top to beat the top players and dominate the rankings all the season.

At the beginning of the game, you will first pick the character class, customize it, and progress through the classic main quest system that not only helps you build the character for powerful enemies’ encounters but also unlock more content.

There are lots of daily events to play, boss fights, challenges, quests, and plenty of activities to keep you busy. You will level up your character, collect pets and they will become your companion. For further power boost, you will equip and upgrade equipment & accessories, pets, get new titles, outfits, etc.

Other info: Dragonicle plays in landscape mode and features gorgeous graphics & animations. The gameplay is auto, but you can control everything manually as well. Everything is easy in the beginning but the difficulty scale starts to pick up and things begin to get challenging when you have passed the initial quests.

You will need an internet connection to play this game. It’s available to download from Google Play Store & iOS App Store. If you are going to start, then make sure to check out this Dragonicle class guide and Dragonicle codes.

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