Drake n Trap Is A New Mobile Game By Mobirix

Mobirix has recently released a brand new, surprisingly fascinating mobile game called Drake n Trap. In the Drake n Trap game, you will be exploring the labyrinth-like dungeon

Mobirix, well-known for publishing amazing fishing, TD games for mobile users, has added a new game to the portfolio. Its new game is called Drake n Trap, a dungeon RPG where you as a leader, team up with units and Drake to hunt the treasure in the labyrinth-like dungeon. There would be traps all over the labyrinth- you have to dodge them all, find the treasure chests, and hunt the boss at any cost. The gameplay is surprisingly quite good. The graphics, animations are marvelous. The Drake n Trap is now available for free to download from Google Play Store.

Drake n Trap Launches On Mobile

It tasks you to build the best deck possible – in each deck, you can add a leader, drake, and five units. There is a wide range of unit collection – each unit with different proficiencies and role. For example – tank, DPS, mages. Drake is one of the main characters with the ultimate abilities that you must use at the right time.

Speaking of battles, you will play as a leader; you can control him with the joystick controls. Units and Drake will follow him wherever he goes. They attack the enemies automatically; all you need to do is summon them – summoning the units cost mana, which recovers gradually as you move further into the battle.

You will progress through the stages. It’s packed with 500 stages – classified into 50 adventure chapters – each stage is unique in its way. In each stage, you will have a certain number of chests to collect – these chests feature the material items to upgrade the characters, equipment, and abilities. In the top-right corner, you will see the amount of time within which you must defeat the boss and collect the chests. As you complete the stages, you will gain the EXP and the player will level up – allowing you to unlock/upgrade more passive buffs.

Eventually, you will face powerful wraiths and boss minions in the dungeon – you will have to power up the character, drake and units’ abilities so that you can clear them all. The two currencies are; gold coins, gems. You can use coins in upgrading the character, units, Drake. In the shop, you can spend gems on equipment chest, character shard, and buff items.

You can earn both the currencies by playing the game; completing the quests, stages, leveling up, watching the video ads. Gem, being a valuable item, can be bought with real money as well.

So this would be all in this Drake n Trap game overview.

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