Dream Blue Ocean Is A New Idle Fishing Game From Mobirix

Mobirix has recently released a brand new Idle Fishing game called Dream Blue Ocean where you fish, explore, and make Idle money



In Dream Blue Ocean game, you are gonna fish with the fisherman and diver on the raft. Yeah, it’s a raft – but you can upgrade it further to a wooden boat, and so on. At the beginning of the game, you have only one fisherman on the boat. The game lets you recruit more fishermen with idle money. Fishermen do the fishing job. Divers can dive into the ocean and bring coins. Also, while diving, you will get to click the pictures of the fish, play the mini-puzzle game, pick the trash for coins.

The game is pretty simple – all you have to do is recruit more fishermen, upgrade them so that you can make more money. As you progress further, you will catch rare and epic fish in different oceans like North Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic, etc.

Head to the Zone and you will be able to see all the locations featured in Dream Blue Ocean game.


It is monetized with the Ads and IAPs. You watch the ads and get free rewards. IAPs include the purchase of gems that you can spend for the chests, time tickets, and other things.

Is It Worth Playing?

It is an Idle game and this genre could be boring for some players, while those who are familiar with this genre, will love this. To be honest, this game reminds me of the Penguin Isle game. They are pretty similar when it comes to UI and graphics.

Download APK

So this would be all in this post on Dream Blue Ocean game.

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