Earth WARS: Retake Earth Launches On Google Play Store

Earth WARS: Retake Earth is a brand new mobile action RPG by DAERISOFT where you slay down the monsters and make the character powerful

DAERISOFT, the well-known mobile publisher, has just released a 2D side-scrolling action RPG Earth Wars: Retake Earth on Google Play Store. At the start of the game, you name and create a character to go on missions. In the missions, you are gonna explore the deadly regions full of ground-type and air-type monsters. The controls are pretty simple – you use the joystick to control the character and attack/jump/skill buttons to inflict damage, evade the enemies’ attacks.

Earth Wars: Retake Earth Gameplay

The story is like this – an unknown organism called E.B.E. invaded the Earth and your goal is to take revenge. Locate them and destroy them as soon as possible. You will explore the deadly regions where you are gonna face the members of E.B.E. and their bosses.

During the expedition, you will collect the gas cell to increase the capacity so that you can set more skills. As you move on in the missions, you will encounter the enemy waves and the area will be restricted and you must destroy ’em all to progress further into the mission. Your health is limited – can you be the savior of EARTH!

The tutorial teaches you the basic controls, attacks, fatal blow, etc. After that, you can manually visit the mission locations and start slaying down the enemies.


  • Sword
  • Gun
  • Longsword
  • Arrow
  • Shuriken
  • Exceed
  • Armor
  • Access
  • Avatar Body
  • Avatar Access

These are the weapons and gears that you can craft using the materials and in-game currency called Active Crystals. You can obtain these crystals by killing the enemies. And, the materials required for crafting a specific weapon or gear can also be acquired by killing specific monsters. If you go to the weapon crafting menu and select the weapon that you want to craft in Earth Wars: Retake Earth game, it will show you the material requirements in the bottom-right side. Tap the material item and you will get to know how to get these materials.

Also, you can enhance the weapons with EN/Energy and materials.


In the skill menu of the game, you can set the skills, remove or change the skills. Progress through the missions and you will discover new skills. The skill capacity is limited – so you are restricted from choosing all the skills.


Earth Wars: Retake Earth is monetized by Ads and IAPs. The players can watch video ads for gems or purchase them with real money. You can use this premium in-game currency for EN/Active Crystals, Materials, and gears in the shop.

Download Earth Wars: Retake Earth

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