Elf Tales is a new MMORPG by Eyougames – it plays in portrait mode and has a ton of stuff. Read on for Elf Tales game overview to know more

Elf Tales GameElf Tales features two character classes; Warrior and Archer. Warrior class uses the spear to invade enemies, while Archer uses the bow to slash down the enemies. So there are two options for you; either go for the melee class or the archer class if you love killing enemies from along-distance. Speaking of Elf Tales mobile game, it does not offer much – well, in terms of new things. It’s simple to play – like all other MMORPGs; much like an Idle MMORPG. You can connect the game with Google Play/Facebook to save the progress or use an email account. Let’s dig more into info in this Elf Tales game overview.

Elf Tales Is Now Out

Elf Tales plays in a portrait mode; you will first start doing the quests at the beginning to grind EXP and level up. You can reach up to 500 level or even further. At certain milestone levels, you will discover a new function; like treasure cave at level 190. There is also a partner system; at level 180, you will be able to propose and get married. Speaking of gameplay, it’s almost auto; you touch the quest and then the character follows the path automatically; battles are also auto. It’s kind of playing idle gameplay where you need to focus on the upgrades only. 

You can power up the character by raising his/her level, gearing up, raising the gear level, upgrading crest, wings, arms, relics, embedding rune, etc.

Other than the main quests, you can focus on the dailies to earn, grind, and progress. Dailies include bounty quests, world boss, partner dungeon, mount dungeon, gear dungeon, gold dungeon, escort quest, realm boss, spouse dungeon, etc. For instance, you get high-grade gears from the gear dungeon. Finishing these tasks gives you activity points – when you reach 150 AP, you will get the premium currency bound diamonds that you can redeem in the bound diamond shop gift boxes, secret keys, exp potions, skins for guardian, dungeon pass, wedding ring, etc.

Highlights: –

  • MMORPG, Portrait-Style
  • Kind of Idle; focus on the upgrades only and doing the automatic quests
  • Guild function to play with a group of people
  • You can team up with friends
  • Partner, Wedding function
  • Online

Conclusion: –

Well, not an impressive game to play. Also, not too bad – the graphics are good, the gameplay is idle(you might like it if you love AFK, Idle games), lots of things to do. We played for hours and it got boring after a while. What’s the point when it plays all auto? If you still want to try, here’s the link –

Once you reach the 100 level, you can redeem the codes. You can find redeem codes here.

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