Epic Odyssey Is A New Adventure RPG For Android

Hiker Games has recently announced their brand new adventure RPG Epic Odyssey for Android. Read on for Epic Odyssey game overview

Hiker Games, the mobile game publishers, well-known for their Caravan War game, has recently published a brand new stunning 3D adventure RPG for Android. Its name is Epic Odyssey. And, it’s amazing. You are gonna love its visuals, story-line, graphics, exploration, battles, etc. If you love adventure-exploration RPGs, you should give it a try.

Epic Odyssey Launches On Mobile

At the time of writing this post, it seems to be in the pre-registration phase. In the video above, you can check the walkthrough of the first two chapters. In each chapter, you will get certain goals that you must complete to progress to another chapter. These goals include slaying down all the beasts on the map, collecting the chests, heroes, etc. In the top-left corner of the game screen, you can check the progress; the number of the chests yet to be found, beasts to be killed, etc.

You will explore a massive map and find the chests, beasts, other secrets. Interact with the NPCs, collect the gears, treasure items, and progress further in the exploration. In your exploration, you will meet a lot of heroes; demi-humans, monsters, and demons. Each hero has four unqiue skills. For example – Renna does magical ranged-attacks with hero bow and knocks back the enemy. Her passive skill increases the attack power of all ranger allies.

You can level up heroes with the EXP, gold, and runestones. Make them stronger by equipping gears. Speaking of battle, it’s complete auto. Heroes will attack the enemies automatically.

The graphics are great, battlefield music is amazing, the gameplay is beginner-friendly.

So this would be all in this post on the Epic Odyssey game overview.

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