Era Of Althea Guide For Beginners

Read on for Era Of Althea Guide For Beginners.

Era Of Althea Guide For Beginners

Era Of Althea Guide For Beginners

The Era of Althea is a Roblox game where you will do the quests, slay the monsters, and earn currencies and resources. Explore the map, focus on quests, gear up your character with weapons and armors, and start taking down the enemies to progress further. The game is inspired by Black Clover and Sword Art Online Anime/Manga.

Era Of Althea Guide: What Are Traits?

Traits grant special passive bonuses to a player. Each trait has its characteristic. How to obtain the traits, you ask? Traits are acquired when rolling when you first play the game or when you spend the spins to reroll your trait.

Trait Rarity Description
Traitless Common Does nothing
Blade Master ? Increases DMG while using weapons
Resilient ? Double stamina which can be used for blocking
Eleven Blood ? Significant rise in mana capacity
Game Addict ? 50% boost in EXP gain
Smith ? 10% reduction in forging failure rate
Alchemist ? Potions and other items are used much faster

Era of Althea Guide: What Are Magics/Snaps?

There are many pages and snaps in Era of Althea. Pages are the spells, while snaps are the magic. Each snap has its own pages that can only be acquired from those with the specific snap. Some pages are not exclusive to a snap; these pages can be obtained by anyone through a boss drop, a “quest drop,” or bought. Pages can be acquired by finishing the quests though it’s not guaranteed unless you’re past a certain level. These level requirements include X10, X25, X40, and X65. Each time you pass the level, the next quest is guaranteed to grant you a page for your snap on completion.

Era of Althea Guide: Equipment

Equipment includes weapons, shields, and armors. The weapon gives you extra DMG or SPD. Shields and armor up your defense. You can buy most of the available armors and weapons from the shops located within the town. Keep in mind, though, that there are unique pieces you can only obtain from doing a particular quest and/or from mob/boss drops.


  • R Key = Bring out fist
  • F Key = Bring out weapon/shield ( Requires weapons and fist can’t be pulled out)
  • E Key = Summon Grimmoire
  • C Key = Pick up player
  • B Key = Grip player
  • Alt (left) Key = Shift lock
  • Shift (Hold) Key = Run
  • M Key = Open Menu
  • ` Key = View Grimoire pages
  • Q Key = Dash

If you are starting this game, check the Era Of Althea Codes Wiki, Era Of Althea Trello.

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