EverMerge Game Review – Building The Castles For Heroes

EverMerge game is available on Android & iOS platforms, published by Big Fish Games. Read on for EverMerge game review to check out its pros and cons

EverMerge Game ReviewBig Fish Games recently released the EverMerge game worldwide. It’s still available in beta – if you are on Android, you can join the beta from Google Play Store. The game focuses on the standard merge mechanics where players merge the same objects of the same tier to get the next tier object. What makes it different is the hero collection system. There are lots of heroes in the game that would love to collect and build their castles. For example – Castle Beauty, Pinocchio, Sinbad, and more.

EverMerge Game Review

EverMerge game challenges you to build all the castles featured in the game. Players build the castle by merging the objects. It’s not easy by any chance as you will have to merge a ton of items over and over again. For example – the first castle in EverMerge game that you can build is Castle Beauty. To build this castle, you will have to merge the “log”. First, you merge log to get timber, timber to wooden frame -> wooden building -> wooden houses -> rich house -> grand house -> wooden mansion -> castle beauty. So that’s a long process to build a single castle. If you want to know more, go to the discoveries menu of the game and head to the home tab where you can check which resources lead to which castles.

F2P Vs P2W Review

In our opinion, EverMerge is a pay to play game. Of course, you can play for free – but, it would not be as long as you want. This is what this game decides – it has got an energy system. Once you are out of energy, you would not be able to chop the trees, get the stuff from the environment objects. If you have got the coins or rubies, you can replenish the energy immediately and start playing again. You can buy the rubies with real money and exchange it for the coins as many as you want.

Also, if you are out of the objects, it forces you to buy the chests from the market – if you have the coins, you can spend them and get the objects to merge so that you can go further into the castle building process. Another thing is there is a timed gate system. Production type objects such as candy trees, apple trees, mango trees take time to produce the specific items that you would need as an ingredient to complete the heroes’ orders. If you are a f2p, you will have to wait four hours to harvest the items. With rubies, you can harvest immediately.

You can play EverMerge for free as long as you want – without spending any penny. But, the progress is gonna be slow and because of the timed-gate, energy system, you might lose interest in the game.

Gameplay Review

EverMerge is a fun game to play. Of course, it’s not unique as there are many other merge games out there on mobile app stores. Keep that aside for a while and talk about what more this game offers than the others. The first thing is the hero system; there are so many heroes in the game to collect. Once you collect them, you will get the orders from them. Completing those orders give you wands, EXP, and objects to merge. Then there is a castle building challenge – you can build over x10 castles with x10 different objects. Keep merging and you will eventually build them.

Speaking of progression, you will merge the objects and get the EXP to level up in the game. You can merge more than 2 objects of similar type and tier into one for the next-tier object – merging x5 objects give you the bonuses; more EXP and rewards. As you level up, you will be able to lift the fog from foggy areas where you will discover new castles, heroes, and objects to merge. Complete the orders, daily quests, and discover new objects merging.

EverMerge’s graphics are great. Everything is well-designed. The UI is pretty great – not so much clutter on the screen. It’s easy to play – all you do is merge the objects and harvest the items.

Monetization Review

EverMerge game has ads. It also features IAPs – players can buy stuff with real money and use for what they like. For example – you can buy rubies with real money; you can use it to harvest the items immediately, buy coins, hero chests, and other item chests from the shop.

Final Review

We would rate EverMerge 2/5 stars. Highlights: –

  • The terrible energy system that stops you from playing it for like hours
  • Time-gate system for harvesting items
  • Slow progression if you are f2p
  • Great graphics, visuals, art-style
  • The gameplay is fun and good

So that’s all for now in this EverMerge game review. What do you think about this game? Share your review in the comments below. If you are new to the game, check out the tips here.

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