EverMerge Tips & Cheats: Guide, Tricks And Strategy

EverMerge is a beautiful merge game that takes you to the magic kingdom where you build the castles. Check out EverMerge tips & tricks featuring cheats, guide, and strategy

EverMerge Tips Cheats TricksBig Fish Games recently published its brand new merge game on Android & iOS platforms. In the game, players merge objects like wood, stone, coral, and more to build the castles. Other than that, they can merge fruit type objects like an apple tree, candy tree, carrot to harvest the corresponding thing that can be used in completing the characters’ orders. In this article, we have posted a few EverMerge tips, tricks & cheats that you would like to read to progress faster. Also, with the help of the EverMerge guide, you will get familiar with all the aspects of the game that you must know as a beginner. So, without wasting any more time, dive into this walkthrough!

EverMerge Tips, Cheats & Tricks Guide

Your goal: rescue all the characters, lift the fog from all areas, and build the castles.

Rescuing The Characters

As of now, EverMerge game features x10 characters that you must rescue. Rescuing the characters is important – otherwise, you would not be able to lift the fog from foggy areas. For example – Unlock Paul Bunyan to access the level 10 area. How do you unlock characters? Players in the EverMerge game can unlock the characters by merging specific items. You need to tap the book(discoveries) button on the bottom-right side. In the book menu, the first tab belongs to the character where you can check all the characters.

Tap on the character to check its info. For example – to unlock Pual Bunyan, you need to merge “AXE”. If it says “keep playing to collect this mysterious character”, then it means that you have not discovered his/her specific item. Keep merging the objects and complete the quests and you will eventually discover these specific items.

Tap The Shiny Orbs For Free Objects

From time to time, shiny orbs pass through the island area. If you tap them, you will get a random object. In EverMerge, these shiny orbs are called “Pixies”.

Focus On Building The Castles

In EverMerge, there are around 10 castles to build. Go to the book(discoveries) menu of the game and navigate to the 2nd tab, which features the castle info. There you will see the walkthrough to build the castles; it shows the items that you need to keep merging to build the castle. For example – players can unlock or build Castle Beauty by merging the “log” tree objects. Merge “stone branch” objects to unlock or build Castle Boots.

Gnomes & Workers In EverMerge

Gnomes are the helpers. These workers help you in chopping the trees and building the castles. For example – when you merge the wooden house, you get a rich house. You will need to repair the rich house before you can merge it for the grand house.

Getting Wands From The Orders

You need purple color wands to remove the fog from foggy areas. Complete the characters’ orders to get the wands. Tap on the character to check the order; gather ingredients and make them recipes to complete the order. Go to the book(discoveries) and navigate to the third tab; fruits – here you can check the ingredients list and how to acquire them.

Leveling Up In EverMerge

To remove the fog from foggy areas, you must meet the minimum level requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be able to remove the fog. The best way to level up in the EverMerge game is by completing the quests. On the left-center of the screen, you can check the quest progress. Also, you can merge the objects to get crown EXP(required to level up). You can check the current level progression status in the upper-left corner.

Getting Coins For Free

The coin is one of the currencies that you will need often while playing the EverMerge game. For instance; to buy the chests from the shop/market. How do you earn coins? Complete the quests, daily quests, merge “brown dust”(obtain brown dust by completing the orders).

Getting Rubies For Free

There are several ways to get rubies for free: – merge ruby dust. You might get it by completing the quests or orders. What does it look like? Go to the book(discoveries). Navigate to the last tab. In that tab, under the ruby section, you will see how it looks like. Merge x3 or more to get rubies. Additionally, you can get rubies from the daily quests and leveling up.

The Merge Bonus Cheat

You can merge x3 identical objects. By merging x3, you don’t get the bonus. But, if you merge x5 identical objects, you will get bonus EXP and upgraded items. So make sure to always merge x5 identical units.

Getting Energy In EverMerge

Energy is required to perform certain actions. For example – to chop the trees and produce logs. The game replenishes energy over time. Players can claim energy for free – x4 times a day with the scratch ticket. Tap the + button next to the energy status and use the scratch ticket.

Participate In The Events

Events are available for limited-time. You will unlock them at player level 7. Complete the event quests and get the maximum rewards.

Check Out The Market In EverMerge

From the market, players can claim free chests daily. These chests contain the objects that you can merge to progress further into the game.

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So that’s all for now in this EverMerge tips, cheats & tricks article. Share your tips & tricks in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “EverMerge Tips & Cheats: Guide, Tricks And Strategy”

  1. I see a few questions about the big crystals. They are awesome and are used to merge 2 items (it’s basically a wild card that stands in as the third object in a merge). I save up my big crystals and use them only when I want to merge a couple of large objects (like to 1/4 of the castle base). Or the final merge to unlock a new character. Hope this helps!

  2. The orbs/gems stink, created to their largest level and all they do is sit there. Can’t delete them or use them, what’s the point in them? Also the ridiculous leprechaun that will never go away. Just end it!

  3. 3/4 through level 17, STILL working on Peter Pan, almost through my 4th castle. I think I will stop when I achieve both things. It was fun up until trying for those 2 things. Takes too long to achieve goals now.

  4. in other merge games there is the option to lock the screen temporarily. thid helps when trying to rearrange objects, and your finger makes the screen move.
    if EverMerge had this feature, I can’t find it.

    Love this game. only been playing for a couple of days, and totally hooked. thanks!

  5. I so agree. Getting energy stinks.
    Every time I get a scratch ticket I get 40, is there anything else behind it package. I’m beginning to wonder.
    It takes forever t9 get more energy. That’s the main problem with this game and leveling up takes forever to accumulate points. Lots of kinks need to be changed in this game.

  6. I like how the quests give you a goal, i like how you get messages of future quests, so I can stalk up for those items. I want to do more build quicker, a wee bit more challenge would be neat to receive more energy!!! I could use a wee bit more zoom out ajustment. Joy stick something so i can play and move things quicker w one hand. I also like how the program/I am/are begining to identify likes with likes so sorting isn’t as hard as it was in the beginning. That was a bonus. More unlimited coin for x amount of time please. Focusing on one item to create is how you proceed faster, at least it feels that way, more(other) objects to combine appear as you focus one at a time.

  7. I agree. Love the game but it takes too long to accomplish anything … and I’m locked down in a pandemic so I am playing hours per day. Anyone know of anything similar that has a faster pace? It seems they are adding more “helps” like gnome rush, but it’s not enough.

  8. Always hunting for power how many year does it take to play this game it will be out of date before i get half way through


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