Exos Heroes Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Exos Heroes is a gacha RPG available on Android & iOS platforms, published by LINE GAMES. Get started with this Exos Heroes guide that covers basic tips & tricks

Exos Heroes by Line Games is the latest character-collector gacha RPG where you build and set-up the team of powerful characters and fight in a various game modes available in PvE and PvP environment.

Exos Heroes Guide, Tips & Strategies

This Exos Heroes guide covers all the core aspects of the game such as heroes, building the team, in-game currencies, how to progress wisely, and much more.

The Initial Rerolls

The very first thing you need to do in the Exos Heroes game is rerolling for the top-tier heroes. Having a fate core or fated hero in the team from the start gives you a heads-up in the initial story as well as in the late game. If you don’t know how to reroll, here’s the quick guide: –

Reroll Guide

The two reroll phases are; x11 draw and selective summon. (1) continue to the tutorial at the start of the game and keep exploring the chapter mode stages until you get x700 Xes to recruit x11 heroes. As a newbie, you also get free Xes in the mailbox. So make sure to check it and claim the rewards. It’s in the upper-right corner on the lobby(airship screen). Once your account has x700 Xes, visit the “recruit” menu of the game. There you will spend the x700 Xes on x11 draws. Hope for a high-tier fate core hero. Tip – players can receive free Xes with the coupon codes. You can check out the Exos Heroes codes here.

(2) this is the second phase of rerolling. As a newbie, Exos Heroes allow the players to reroll an unlimited number of times in selective summons. After doing the tutorial, navigate yourself to the “recruit” menu of the game. There you need to select “selective summon” or “selection recruit” banner. Summon the heroes. Hope for another high-tier fate core hero. If you don’t get it, you will tap the reselect button that is in the bottom-right corner. Keep rerolling until a high-tier fate core hero shows up. We recommend reading this Exos Heroes tier list to figure out the popular and most powerful characters.

In-Game Currencies

Exos Heroes game sets in the world that use a variety of currencies – each one has a different use. In-game currencies include gold, Xes, crystals, Levistones, Powder of Light, Heroic Token, Solarseal, and much more.


Gold is the basic currency in Exos Heroes that you will need to enhance/bless/transcend the heroes. Players can farm gold in challenge mode(ancient gold mine), world exploration, Shelter of Avarice, etc.


In Exos Heroes, players can earn Xes by playing the chapter episodes, completing the whole chapters, from the time-limited events, daily missions, weekly missions, achievements, login, labyrinth, tournament, Colosseum, or exchange crystals.

You can use Xes in crafting or summoning the characters in the recruit menu.


Crystal is the paid currency in Exos Heroes. You need to top-up to get it.


Levistone is another currency in Exos Heroes that you will need to explore on the world map or play certain game modes such as Yupir’s Labyrinth. You can earn Levistones from the dailies and events.

Power of Light

Disassemble equipment to get the power of light and exchange in the exchange shop.

Heroic Token

Disassemble heroes to get the heroic token. Use it in the exchange shop. Note – you can also use the useless heroes in enhancing high-tier heroes.


Obtain from exploration and use in the door to creation menu or exchange shop.

Exos Heroes Progress Guide

After doing the rerolls, you must proceed through the chapter episodes if you want to unlock the locked content in the game. Certain functions and game modes are available only if you clear certain stories. For example – advance crafting at Airship Forge, challenge game modes, etc. In each episode, there would be battle quests or stories to complete for certain rewards and stars. Collecting all the stars in each chapter gives you x330 Xes.

Each stage gives you three missions to complete; complete all of them to achieve three-stars. You can always repeat the episodes if you don’t get all the three-stars. Note – repeating the episode story quests would not give you rewards. To select the chapter episode, tap the “message bubble” icon in the top-left corner. This will open the chapter menu where you can select the chapters or a particular stage.

After playing for a while, you will have a lot of other game modes to play where you can farm a bunch of material items used in hero growth. Don’t ignore them and farm as many materials as you can. Also, do dairy missions for free stuff like Xes, gold coins, EXP scrolls, Exodium, etc.

Battle Strategy Guide

The first thing you need to do is set up the team and formation. Go to the “team” menu. Tap the “formation” button. There are four types of formations; balanced back row, emphasized back row, balanced front row, and emphasized front row. Balanced one is better in most of the stages. Put the “defense” type heroes in the front row while DPS, healers, and mage heroes should be placed in the back row. If you don’t know the hero type or role, go to the “manage hero” menu -> select the hero. In the upper-left corner, tap, and hold or long-press on the icons to check more details such as element, guardian stone, role, DMG type; physical or magical. Or go to the journal menu to check the list of all heroes and their profiles.

Or you can just tap the “suggest” button and the game will automatically assign the best heroes from your inventory.

Break Effect

A break effect is triggered when the unit’s guardian stone is destroyed. Guardian stones are crushed when the units are invaded by the units of matching elements. There are six elements; fire, frost, nature, machine, light, and darkness. Before starting the battle, you can check the enemies’ guardian stone on the battle preview screen. Different heroes and enemies belong to one of these elements. In the hero profile page, on the top-left corner, long press on the four icons to check the element.

Guardian Stone

All the characters in Exos Heroes possess one guardian stone. A guardian stone could be of one of these elements; fire, frost, nature, machine, light, and darkness. You can check the hero’s guardian stone on the upper-left side of its profile page. (Manage heroes -> hero -> long press on the four icons on the top-left). Players can change the guardian stone element in the Door to Creation menu -> combine/convert -> guardian stone element change -> select the hero -> change. It will cost Xes.

Battle Gameplay

When it’s your turn, you will get to unleash the hero’s basic attack or skills. Skills require mana – heroes gain mana as the battle proceeds. Select the skill and then tap on the enemy. Using skills at the right time and in the right order is the key to victory. For example – using CC skills to stop the enemies, healing skills to heal the allies, AoE DMG to target all enemies, back-row DMG skills to target back-row enemies.

Building Team

With a variety of heroes to choose in Exos Heroes, players can come up with unqiue combinations to crush the enemy’s squad. If you want to build the best team, you must get familiar with the heroes’ abilities. Go to the journal or manage the hero menu and check out the heroes’ skills. You can preview their skills by tapping the magnifying glass icon. We recommend using x2 tanks, x2 DPS, and x1 healer for the balanced team. For more firepower, you can exclude a tank and add one damage dealer. For more defense, add more tank and exclude DPS or CC/Healer/Buffer.

Obtaining Mana

To unleash the skills, heroes require mana points. Heroes gain mana when a certain condition is passed. Attack type and Chaos type heroes gain mana when you hit a basic attack. Defense type and Support type heroes gain mana when an enemy attacks you. Five stars or higher-grade heroes gain mana based on the element; fire, machine, frost, light, nature, and darkness. Pause the battle -> battle guide ->special passive -> check the condition. Exos Heroes

Exos Heroes Character Development Guide

You can recruit the heroes from the “recruit” menu of the game or “Door to Creation” menu. The heroes are classified into four roles; attack, defense, support, and chaos. And, they have these elements; fire, frost, nature, machine, light, and darkness. Additionally, they inflict two types of attacks; magical and physical. Follow these ways to get stronger in Exos Heroes –

Level Up Heroes

Exos Heroes characters can be leveled up with EXP  scrolls that you get from the challenge(world -> challenges -> experience sanctum) or crafting (door to creation). Go to manage heroes -> select a hero -> level up -> use EXP scrolls. Or those who are in the team can gain EXP from the battles as well as free exploration.


Enhancing can be failed or successful. For enhancing, you can use heroes or spirits. Use the same element heroes or spirits to increase the success rate. Players can get enhancing material from the world -> challenge -> spirit sanctum mode.


Farm blessing material in the Blessing Sanctum mode(world -> challenge). Use it to increase the star grade of a hero.


To raise the max level of a hero, you can use transcend function. It requires gold and a replicate hero.

Equipment Guide

You can equip the gears to heroes in the “manage hero” menu. In the early game, you can get the equipment from challenge modes(solar trade route, lunar trade route), exploration, or crafting(airship forge). Gears are classified into these tiers; common, magic, rare, legendary, and fated. Fated, Legendary ones are the best ones. You can polish the equipment and get more stats. Additionally, for further enhancement, you have the enhancement option, weapon awakening option. Players can activate the guardian stone set effect by equipping a certain number of gears with matching guardian stones. 2 or more.

Equipment tips for Exos Heroes player; do not spend Xes in forging gears at blacksmith(that x700 pull). You will start getting the purple/legendary equipment from exploration after clearing a certain episode; at or after chapter 9. The game gives you better equipment and reward at higher-rank chapters.

Also, keep an eye on the exchange shop; by exchanging the power of light, you can acquire legendary tier equipment. The deals there refresh daily; turn on the notification(it’s on by default – if not, turn it on and you will receive a notification whenever a legendary item gets available).

Other than the exploration, exchange shop, you can get equipment from Door to Creation (equipment gacha there).

Game Modes

This section covers the list of game modes that you can play for free rewards.

  • Spirit Sanctum – farm material items to enhance the heroes
  • Experience Sanctum – farm EXP scrolls or leveling items that you can use to level up the heroes
  • Ancient Gold Mine – farm gold here
  • Solar Trade Route – farm equipment or equipment upgrade materials
  • Blessing Sanctum – farm blessing materials that you can use to bless the heroes
  • Exploration – use Levistone to start exploration and grind rewards while AFK
  • Dispatch – dispatch the heroes to receive rewards after a certain amount of time
  • Zebenstunier – PvP battles
  • Holy Dragon Grounds – boss battles. One of the hardest game modes; earn relics and fate stones from here.
  • Yupir’s Labyrinth – dungeon mode. You can play it in an easy and hard mode. Hard mode levels are reset every month. Players can earn Xes from this mode.
  • Coliseum – build the team and fight enemies for rewards

Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes are activated at Line Games’ official website. You can check the codes here.

Free Rewards

Do the daily missions, weekly missions, event missions for free rewards.

World Guide

On the world map, you can move the characters. There are several secret events that you can activate by completing the daily quests. Take a look at them: –

Broken Airship

Finish the daily quests and a broken airship will appear on the world map. You can get rewards from it.


Travelers appear on the world map when you complete the daily quests. You need to interact with them to get rewards or unlock hidden stories.


Golems appear on the world map; eliminate them to earn EXP scrolls and material items.

Ancient Totem

Like Golems, Ancient Totem also appears on the world map. Destroy it to get equipment, reforge materials, and abrasive.

Holy Water of the Universe

You can get it from the exploration or blessing sanctum. It’s rare.

This is the Exos Heroes guide for beginners covering some useful tips & tricks. You can share your tips in the comments.

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