FairyTale Codes Roblox(NEW! 2020)

Get free pets and in-game items in FairyTale Roblox without cheats! Redeem these FairyTale codes Roblox October 2020

FairyTale Codes

FairyTale Codes Roblox

Here’s the complete list of all new FairyTale codes that players can claim and redeem for freebies – as of 2020: –

  • SpookySeason
  • PetsRevamp

SpookySeason: get 50 COINS with this FairyTale Code


PetsRevampget 25 diamonds using this code


PAYCHECKUPDATE: Get 100 coins with this new Fairytale code Roblox October 2020


TRADEUPDATE: Get 250 coins with this new Fairytale code Roblox October 2020


So far, only one code is available – we will add more codes once the devs release them. Right Now, redeem this new code and get the reward!

Expired Codes

FairyTale Codes don’t last forever; after a while, some of them may not work. The codes that stop working are here: –

  • FREEPUPPY: with this FairyTale code, you will get a free puppy in FairyTale Roblox without cheats(until Sept. 25, 2020). This code was released by @PlayFairytale on Twitter, on September 19, 2020

How To Redeem FairyTale Codes?

In the bottom, click on the bag/backpack/inventory icon -> then click on the Twitter bird icon to open the code input page. Enter your FairyTale code and get the rewards. You will only get rewards of the code is valid. We have listed all the valid codes above!

How To Get More FairyTale Codes?

We recommend following game devs on Twitter; @PlayFairytale. They post new codes in the tweets once in a while. We put all the codes together in one place so that you can easily have access to all the codes and no need to search the whole Twitter timeline for the issued codes!

About FairyTale And Its Codes

FairyTale is a Roblox game by@PlayFairytale, which is free-to-play and offers astonishing gameplay to the players. Devs have done a great job in all the game’s aspects and it’s truly a masterpiece. This post covers the FairyTale codes that players can use for free rewards. We put all the issued promo codes in one place! Download – https://www.roblox.com/games/4390337206/Fairytale 

Got any code not listed here? Comment!

Fairytale Codes Sources October 2020

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