Fallout Shelter Online Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Get started with this Fallout Shelter Online guide featured with loads of cheats, tips & tricks to help you build the best team of best characters

Fallout Shelter Online Guide Tips CheatsFallout Shelter Online Guide, Tips & Tricks

This Fallout Shelter Online guide teaches you the core concepts of the game such as building the best team, focusing on best characters, vault management, etc. So, let’s not waste any time and dive into the main content.

Resources & In-Game Currency Guide

The seven main in-game currencies in the Fallout Shelter Online game are – water, electricity, food, caps, Nuka-Cola, Rad-X, and Pre-War Money.


Cap of Nuka-Cola is the common currency of the Wasteland that you can obtain from the recycling center room, through capturing ruins, simulation mode, and by rushing your Dwellers. In the early game, you can use the recycling room to get the caps.

How to use caps – players can use caps to shop material items at the outpost on the map. Navigate yourself to the global map and find the outpost. In these locations, you will find the NPCs selling a bunch of material items in exchange for material items that you will be needing to upgrade weapons and equipment.

Also, to upgrade the equipment, you will need more caps.


Water is another common currency of the Wasteland that you will need to upgrade the perks of dwellers. With the help of a shooting range room, you can raise the perks of dwellers. If you have not built it yet, tap the hammer button that you see on the bottom-right corner -> support -> there you will find the shooting range room. Once built, tap on the room and then choose a dweller to upgrade its perks.


Electricity is among the top common currencies of the Wasteland that you get from the power generator rooms and spend on building and upgrading the vault rooms.


Food is needed to raise the level of dwellers. With the help of a training room, you will be able to raise the level of dwellers. All you need to do is assign the dwellers in the training room and then choose to level up – spend food and voila!


Nuka-Cola is the magical currency of the Wasteland – it’s quite hard to get. Keep doing the radio quests, chapter quests, and achievements to get Nuka-Cola Quantum. Players can use this magical currency in the shop to buy posters, pre-war money, speed-up the ongoing construction, etc.

Pre-War Money

Pre-War Money is another magical currency in Fallout Shelter Online. As a f2p player, you can earn this currency by completing the daily quests, event missions, etc. The best way to earn this currency is by doing the daily quests.


Rad-X is the stamina currency in Fallout Shelter Online that players need to play the PvE stages. This currency replenishes automatically every certain amount of time or players can use Nuka-Cola to buy it.

Combine Rooms In The Vault

Fallout Shelter Online Guide Tips CheatsIf you want to increase the room’s output and capacity, it’s better to combine/merge them. All you need to do is deploy two same level + same type rooms next to each other – that’s it. To do that, you need to go to the editing interface screen (tap the overseer’s office room -> reorganize). Now, you will be able to select and move the rooms. To combine – deploy the two same level + same type rooms next to each other. For instance; small water treatment level 1 room + small water treatment level 1 room = medium water treatment plant.

Dwellers Guide & Tips

Fallout Shelter Online Guide Tips CheatsFallout Shelter Online game features a dozen of dwellers that players can use to build the best team. The dwellers come in four different grades – SSR-grade, SR-grade, R-grade, and N-grade. Each character/dweller in the game possesses unqiue stats and perks. The very first tip here is to get familiar with their perks – it would help you to build the best team based on the strength you want. Navigate yourself to the “dweller” menu and check their profiles and info.

How To Get Dwellers

You have plenty of ways to acquire dwellers; go to the shop menu of the game -> spend pre-war money and get the dweller or dweller’s posters. Or, go to the shop -> posters, there you can shop specific dweller’s posters with Nuka-Cola. Some dwellers can be acquired from the PvE stages. Also, keep an eye on outside the vault as dwellers often arrive there from time to time.

Sometimes, the game gives you lunchboxes containing the dweller posters and resources.

How Many Dwellers Can You Have In FSO

The total number of dwellers that you can have in Fallout Shelter Online depends on the living quarter’s room level. As a player, you can check the max limit on the top-right of the game screen. Merge living quarter room or build more or upgrade the existing ones to raise the max limit.

How To Kick Out Dwellers In FSO

Tap the CRYOGENIC CHAMBER room and choose to freeze the dweller that you don’t want in the vault.

Best Characters

Following is the list of Fallout Shelter Online best characters: –

  • Danse
  • Sarah
  • Father
  • Dr. Zimmer
  • Nick
  • Neriah
  • Desdemona
  • Maxson
  • Kellogg
  • Mother Isolde
  • Piper – SR
  • Madison – SR
  • Cait – SR

You can read the Fallout Shelter Online Tier List here.

Dweller Info

Dwellers/Characters in Fallout Shelter Online have unqiue abilities – healing abilities, inflicting AoE damage, shield stats to fight from the front, etc. You need to go to each character’s profile and read the ability details to figure out the strength of that particular character. For instance, if a character has a healing skill, you can add him/her to the team and use the skill to restore the health of other dwellers during the battle. Now, let’s learn how to make Fallout Shelter Online characters more powerful: –


In Fallout Shelter Online, characters are equipped with tools. The level of tools determines the resource production stats of the dweller. You can assign the dwellers/characters in the rooms such as water treatment plants, electricity, food, and more. Assigning the characters to these rooms increases the output level. If you want to increase more, upgrade the tools of the character that you assigned to the room. 

Equipment Guide

Characters in the Fallout Shelter Online use two types of equipment; physical and energy. Physical weapons unleash the physical attack that can bypass enemies’ resistances. Energy weapons unleash the energy attacks that can ignore the opponent’s physical resistances. You can check the equipment type info in the character profile page.

Upgrade the equipment to increase dweller’s power, defense, resistance, attack damage, critical hits, etc.

Attachment Guide FSO

In Fallout Shelter Online, characters can equip x4 attachments. Attachments can be obtained by playing the game or you can craft them in the “workshop” room. Attachments come in four grades; green, blue, purple, and orange. Orange and Purple grade attachments are the best – but, they are hard to get.

Tip – equip an attachment set to activate set effect for more bonuses. Tap on the attachment and you will see its set effect name – equip 2 or 4 same types of attachment to activate the set effect.

Navigate yourself to the dweller screen -> tap the character -> attachment -> equip/unequip/upgrade. Upgrading materials can be obtained from the map stages.

Best Team Build Set-Up

Here are our best team set-ups: –

  1. x2 melee + x1 mid-range healer + x2 long-range DPS
  2. x2 long-range DPS + x2 tank in front  + x1 healer
  3. x1 tank + x2 long-ranged DPS + x1 healer + x1 buffer

Head to the dweller page and check out the characters’ details that you have got – DPS, healer, tank, etc. And, then build accordingly. You can check this tier list to know what are the best characters.

How To Play – Basics Guide

For newbies, we recommend: –

  • Do the chapter quests in the early game + daily quests + faction quests + radio quests
  • Keep drawing characters using Nuka-Cola or Pre-War money – don’t stop until you find the best tier characters
  • Manage the vault – merge rooms, upgrade rooms, assign dwellers
  • Manage characters – raise their level, equip/upgrade attachments, upgrade tools, etc.
  • Go to the map and complete stages in all sort of difficulty modes; easy, medium, and hard

Guild In Fallout Shelter Online

Join a guild – it’s fun playing with others. Also, you will enjoy a lot of perks like assistance from the members, more content, rewards, etc.

So that’s all in this Fallout Shelter Online guide and tips for beginners. If you are reading this and know more tips, cheats & strategies, do share with us in the comments below.

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