Best Farming Games Android & iOS 2020(Offline/Online)

Build garden beds, sow seeds, watch your plants grow, make products, and build the best farming business in these best farming games for Android, iOS – offline, online

We have been covering mobile farm games for a while now. Nowadays, most of the new farming games come with a terrible energy system – once you are out of energy, you can not do anything. It slows down your progress and you might lose interest in the game after playing for a while. We have tried our best and shared the list of top best farming games for Android & iOS 2020 – offline farm games, as well as online farm games. Also, we have shared the details on whether these features the energy system or not. So let’s not waste any time and find out the best farm game to play on mobile!

Best Farming Games On Android & iOS 2020

Following is the list of online and offline farming games that you can play on Android & iOS devices: –

Stardew Valley

Best Farming Games Android iOS Farm GameStardew Valley is one of the best offline farming games for Android & iOS. It’s probably the best farming game that you can find on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. It features pixel-art graphics. In this farming RPG, you can do a lot of things; help the main character build his farm in the town – you can sow seeds, plant crops, sell them to complete orders, do fishing, build lots of facilities to cook and craft bunch of recipes. You can make upgrades to the farm, there is a cute town to explore where you will find lots of NPCs. You get to pet a variety of animals.

The fun in this farm game is endless.

Harvest Town

Best Farming Games Android iOS Farm GameHarvest Town is the clone of Stardew Valley. Since Stardew Valley is a premium game, you can try Harvest Town, which is completely free. Although, it’s not available on the iOS App Store. Keep in mind that, unlike Stardew Valley, Harvest Town is not offline. You will need an internet connection to log in to this game.

You will be playing as a farmer who lives in a cute town. There are plenty of things to do in the game; fishing, combat with monsters to grind material items, cave exploration, interact with NPCs, cook food items, grow crops, gather materials, missions, animals to raise and pet, and much more. You will love playing this farm game.

Tiny Pixel Farm

Best Farming Games Android iOS Farm GameTony Pixel Farm is another one of the best farming games available for Android & iOS platforms. It’s a simple casual farming game that you can play offline. You will start by choosing the farmer; female or male. It lets you manage lots of animals on the farm – animals will produce the items and you can sell them in the market shop for coins. As you level up, you will get to expand the farm, manage more animal pens, and grow the farming business.

Blocky Farm

Best Farming Games Android iOS Farm GameBlocky Farm is yet another great one of the best offline farming games available on mobile. It features blocky graphics and plays in landscape mode. You start by choosing the farm name and a picture. After that, it will ask you to repair the broken facilities such as a house, silo, barn. As you complete the quests, you will get the EXP to level up. As you level up, you will get to build more facilities to further expand the farm. You can grow crops, pet animals, bake items, and decorate the farm. It’s a cute farm game with nice graphics and offline gameplay.

Cat Forest – Healing Camp

Best Farming Games Android iOS Farm GameCat Forest Healing Camp is a unqiue farming game that takes you to the world of cats where you get to build campsite for the cats. You will gather the materials, build the facilities, grow the crops, do the fishing, cook the recipes, explore the map, craft objects, and there are many things to do. Your goal in the game is to make the camp bigger so that more cats can visit your campsite and make it popular.

Farmers 2050

Best Farm GameThis farm game app does not have any sort of ads and IAPs. It is specially designed for people who want to learn to farm. It’s online and probably the best farming game that gives you a realistic experience. You will start by buying the farmland in the city. NPCs give you quests that guide you throughout the game. For example; buying crops from the market, growing crops, planting seeds, etc.

Pocket Harvest

Best Farm GamePocket Harvest is a premium farm game app – you can play the lite version before buying the full version of the game. You can play it offline. It gives you free land at the beginning where you can grow crops and build lots of facilities to craft and cooking items. Like all other farming games listed here, Pocket Harvest offers classic farming gameplay where you, with the help of workers, build and manage the farm. Cultivate crops, manage animals, and expand the farm by building all essential facilities.

The Farm: Sassy Princess

Best Farm Games Android iOSThe Farm: Sassy Princess is a new farming game on the Android platform. It features pixel-art graphics and simple gameplay where you play as a princess and manage the farm. You will get to grow different-different crops in different seasons, there would be a lot of challenges such as paying the rent, completing the quests, making money, and much more.

Tour of Neverland Farming Game

Best farming farm games Android iOSTour of Neverland is the newest farming game for Android, from the publishers of Calibria: Crystal Guardians. In this game, you get to manage the farmland where you can plant and grow various types of crops and use them to create more stuff and then sell or trade in the market. You will be doing the quests, interact with the NPCs, raise the affinity, and there are plenty of things in the game that keeps you engaged all the time. You can read more about the Tour of Neverland here.

So this would be all in this post on best farming games for Android  & iOS 2020. Our best picks – Stardew Valley, Farmers 2050. Share your recommendations in the comment section below.

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