Football Killer – Released By Simplicity Games

Football Killer is a brand new game for Android. It is released by Simplicity Games on Google Play Store on January 24, 2020

Football KillerSimplicity Games, the publisher behind the volleyball challenge game, has just expanded the app portfolio with a brand new release. Their new game’s name is Football Killer, which follows the shoot to goal concept. If you have played games like Mr Bullet, then you will find the same gameplay concept in Football Killer. It is available for free to download from Google Play Store. We are not sure about the iOS release – it seems, it’s been out on Android yet – also, one thing to note is Apple takes more time to approve – so you may find it in upcoming days if they have released it.

Football Killer Game By Simplicity Games: –

It’s easy to play – all you need to do is touch the screen and make an angle to complete the goal or kill all the characters on the field. Football Killer features a lot of exciting levels – each level comes with a different puzzle – challenging you to complete the goal in a few turns. At each level, you can earn three stars if you manage to complete it in a few turns.

At the start of the game, it gives you gold coins. It is the basic in-game currency that you can use to customize the character with premium shoes, soccer ball, looks, hair and beard style. Also, you can equip him with some dangerous equipment. All these gears or outfits are cosmetic and do not impact the gameplay.

So it’s a completely free-to-play game.

Can You Play It Offline?

Yes, you can play Football Killer offline. You don’t need an internet connection to play it as the levels are PvE and can be played without it.

How Many Levels Are In Football Killer?

As per the current version of the game, it has 100 levels. There are five locations with 20 levels each; Uncut Grass, Concrete Jungle, Permafrost, Fear of Failure, and Holiday Greetings.


It is monetized by the ads and IAPs. You can buy coins with real money or disable ads with real money. Ads – you can watch the video ads to skip levels.

Is It Challenging?

Pretty much, there are some exciting levels in which you have to focus or make a decent strategy to shoot and goal in a few turns. You will love it.

So this would be all in this post on Football Killer game.

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