Best FPS Games For Android & iOS 2020(Offline/Online)

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Looking for the first-person shooter games to play on Android & iOS? Read on for the best fps games for Android & iOS that you can play offline and online

We have been covering mobile fps games for a while now and going to share a list of top-notch fps games that you would love to play on your mobile device. The list features offline fps games as well as online multiplier fps games; free-to-play, freemium, and premium. In the offline ones, you will have missions and chapters to complete; you always need objectives or challenging missions to keep playing – the listed games feature decent challenging shooting missions. In the online ones, you can play with friends or random players to team up against other team real-time fps battles. So, without further ado, let’s find out the best fps game on Android & iOS.

Best FPS Games On Android & iOS: –

Following is the list of best top-notch fps games that you can play on mobile(offline and online) : –

The Walking Zombie 2

Best FPS Games For Android & iOSThe Walking Zombie 2 is one of the FPS games on Android & iOS platforms that you can play offline/without an internet connection. You will be proceeding through the NPC’s quests that send you to the dangerous zombie areas; they ask you to find the items there. You will help them bring the items or do specific tasks for the money. There would be lots of zombies that can smell you from a long distance; load up the gun and shoot ’em down in this great FPS adventurous game. Additionally, manage the perks, character’s skills, inventory, money, etc. You will love this FPS game for sure.

Standoff 2 F2P FPS

Best FPS Games For Android & iOSStandoff 2 is a popular mobile FPS game, which is not pay-to-win. They have monetized the game with weapon skins; you can spend bucks to get the weapon skins. The gameplay is fair; only skill matters. It offers x6 maps that are beautifully designed for the gamers who love FPS games. Also, it has multiple game modes(team deathmatch, arms race, and defuse the bomb) that you can play with friends or get matched with random players.


Best FPS Games For Android & iOSYou must have heard of it. The most realistic battle royale game on mobile with the arcade game modes, published by Tencent. You can play the battle royale or TDM matches in FPS mode.

COD M Freemium FPS

Best FPS Games For Android & iOSCOD mobile is another one of the best fps games for Android & iOS. You must have heard of it too. Although it’s not free-to-play – it’s freemium as weapon skin gives you little perks. You can play for free but paid skin gives you little perks. We recommend PUBG M if you want complete fair gameplay.

C-Ops Reloaded F2P FPS

Best FPS Games For Android & iOSIt’s a free-to-play first-person shooter game where you don’t need to spend any real money as there is no upgrading system. All the players get a whole load of gun inventory for free – you are free to choose any gun you want to play the battles. It has lots of maps where you spawn and start hunting the enemies’ heads with the SMGs, ARs, Snipers. Play with real players in real-time action-packed fps battles.

So that’s all for now in this post on the best FPS games for Android & iOS. Share your recommendations in the comments.

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