FT Games Launches Epic Summoners 2 – An Idle RPG For Mobile

Epic Summoners 2 is a brand new Idle RPG for mobile by FT Games. In this post, I have shared a brief overview on Epic Summoners 2

Epic Summoners 2FT Games, a well-known developer of mobile games such as The Godfather, Zombie Frontier game series, has just released a brand new Idle RPG called Epic Summoners 2. It is an online Idle RPG, featuring PvP and PvE content. The gameplay is quite simple – you are tasked to build the best or strongest team of heroes and fight the monsters or enemies in a wide range of game modes.

The game’s size is around 150MB. And, you need an active internet connection to play it.

Like all other games, it starts with a decent tutorial that teaches the basics of the game; how to set up the team, complete quests, fuse character shards, etc. Once you are done with the tutorial, you can start the journey in Epic Summoners 2 by playing the adventure mode.

Epic Summoners 2 Idle RPG – The Auto-Battles, Cute Characters, Etc.

Epic Summoners 2The game has a clean UI, the graphics are good, characters are cute – and, there are plenty of things to do from grinding the resources to upgrading the heroes through leveling up, evolving, equipment upgrades, etc. The Adventure gate takes you the PvE battle mode screen where the heroes fight the enemies automatically – and, you progress through it stage-by-stage.

Like all other Idle RPGs, there is an auto-battle system – all you have to do is strategically deploy the heroes based on their strength; tank, DPS, supporters – rest assured that the team will lead you to the victory.

There are no ads in the game – it monetizes through the in-game purchases. Surely, it’s P2W – you spend real money and get VIP privileges.

Being a F2P player, you will have to rely on the free rewards to get stronger – and, the reward system is pretty good. There are lots of ways to get premium items for free. But again, P2W is P2W – you can’t deny!

Download Epic Summoners 2

Google Play Store – Here.

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