Gacha Club Is Now Out On Android, iOS/PC Version On The Way

Lunime has recently released the Gacha Club game for Android on Google Play Store. The iOS and PC version is yet to be released. Check out Gacha Club game overview

Gacha Club Game Overview

Gacha Club is an offline and a free-to-play game with no IAPs. If you loved Lunime’s old Gacha Life game, then you will love this game for sure. Like that game, you will have a ton of characters to customize and use in the studio where you can add pets, objects, and narrate the custom story. There are a ton of customizations available for free; press, body, head, clothes outfits, props, and much more.

Keep the customizations and studio aside and you have battle modes where you form the squad of characters with different elements to take down the enemies. You will get them from the gacha banners and make them stronger by improving their level, skills, and awakening.

Game Modes

The current version of the gacha club game gives you access to four battle modes; three battle modes are available from the start – main story (follow the story, battle the enemies and earn gold/gems/items), the elemental tower where you fight powerful monsters, training mode to farm materials, and shadows of corruption mode to earn great rewards.

Additionally, it has mini-games that players can play and earn special exchange currency to buy more units.

Characters & Upgrades

You get a few units for free in the beginning to use in the battles. If you want more, you will have to grind gems and spend on the gacha banners to get the common and legendary units. There are over 100 characters in the game that you can improve by making upgrades like leveling up, awakening, limit-break, and skill enhancement.


As of writing this(June 30, 2020), it’s available on the Android platform. You can get it from Google Play Store. If you are on iOS or PC, you will have to wait as the iOS and PC version is yet to be released. They have released this game as early access on Android to check the bugs and improve the battle gameplay. After fixing the bugs and improving the battle modes, the game will be released on all platforms worldwide. For more information, go to Lunime’s FB and Twitter handles.

So that’s all in this Gacha Club overview. Get started with this Gacha Club guide if you are a beginner.

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