Games Like Animal Restaurant 2020

Looking for the games similar to Animal Restaurant game? Find out the best games like Animal Restaurant for Android & iOS 2020

Animal Restaurant is a pretty cute management game where you run a restaurant and animals are your visitors. You make upgrades, star-up the restaurant, expand further and get the buffet, garden, and there are plenty of things to do; like collecting all the characters, letters, mementos, and much more. The gameplay is pretty unqiue. We did our best and compiled a list of games that are similar to Animal Restaurant. If you are looking for games like Animal Restaurant, then you are on the right page. Let’s get started!

Games Like Animal Restaurant

Following is the list of games like Animal Restaurant to play on Android & iOS –

Cat Spa

This is the latest addition to this list that showcases the games like Animal Restaurant. This title is published by one of the top-tier publishers; Hyperbeard.

Animal Spa

Games Like Animal RestaurantAnimal Spa is a new mobile game like Animal Restaurant. Instead of the restaurant, you will have a spa business. As a player, you will attract the animals to visit the spa center and make money. With more money in your hand, you will be able to build more spa and expand further. Speaking of gameplay, the game has idle merge mechanics – you can level up the spas by merging them. The animal characters and graphics are cute and good.

Animal Hot Springs

Games Like Animal RestaurantIn this game, you will have a hot spring business to manage. It’s simple, cute, and adorable. As a player, you will build the bathing facilities for the animals so that they can relax and enjoy. In return to these services, you will be making money that you can invest further in this business and expand and grow to the next level. Raise the reputation and discover new animals.

Animal Cinema

Games Like Animal RestaurantAnimal Cinema is another one of the best games like Animal Restaurant. In this game, the player handles the cinema business. You will build and upgrade facilities of a cinema theater and attract the audience and in return, you get paid. To ease the business, you will hire the cat managers and workers.

Animal Ski Resort

Games Like Animal RestaurantAnimal Ski Resort takes you to the hill station where you will get to manage a ski resort. There would be lots of fun activities to provide to animal customers. Like dragging and dropping them into the snowfield, skiing, ride, etc. Just like other games, you can hire the manager characters to ease business activities and make passive income.

Food Truck Pup

Games Like Animal RestaurantFood Truck Pup is a similar game to Animal Restaurant. Instead of a restaurant, here, you will have a food truck business to manage. As a player, you ill help the main character gathering ingredients and cook recipes that you can serve to animal customers and make money. Just like other games, you can invest the money in upgrading the food truck facilities.

So that’s all in this post on games like Animal Restaurant for Android & iOS. Do you have suggestions on similar games to Animal Restaurant? Comment below.

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