Games Like BitLife For Android & iOS 2020

Looking for text-based life simulator games similar to BitLife to play on Android/iPhone iOS? Read on for best games like BitLife for mobile

BitLife is one of the popular life-simulation games available for free on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. The app is based on the Instlife game, which got merged with BitLife back in June 2019. In the game, you start with a random male/female character and try to accomplish the achievements or all careers. Also, it has a lot of mini-games like mechanics such as an escape-prison game, collecting heirlooms, prison riot, Military Deployment Minefield, etc. If you are looking for games like BitLife, then this post is for you. In today’s post, we have shared the list of best games like BitLife for Android/iPhone iOS. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

Games Like BitLife For Android/iPhone: –

Following is the list of best games like BitLife for Android/iPhone iOS 2020 –

Another Life

Games Like BitLifeAnother Life is a brand new text-based life simulation game like BitLife that you can download from Google Play Store and iOS App Store for free. Like the BitLife app, In Another Life, you will start as an infant and progress by tapping the age button. Your character gets the random stats such as health, happiness, appearance, intelligence, charisma at the start of the life. As you age, you will encounter lots of random events that impact these stats.

Complete the graduation, look for the jobs, go for a date, start a relationship, become successful, and there are lots of things similar to BitLife.

On Android, its size is around 58 MB. On iOS, its size is around 235 MB.


Games Like BitLifeSimulife is another one of the best games like BitLife for Android/iPhone iOS- featuring the text-based gameplay where you create the character; male, female, choose the location. After that, you tap the screen to progress; unlike BitLife, here, you progress every 3 months. Every 3 months, you will encounter the random events based on the age/environment. These events will affect the character’s stats such as joy, health, smarts, and looks. Other than that, there are plenty of activities that your character can do to improve these stats.

Seek education, build a career, get rich, buy assets, start a relationship, and die like a hero!


Games Like BitLifeAltLife is among the top best games like BitLife for Android. Unfortunately, this game is not available on the iOS App Store. It features text-based life simulation game mechanics where you start as an infant and progress by tapping the age button. There are 17 challenges to complete, for example; can you become the die-hard gamer, Utoob star, steal 50,000 by hacking, own 300 million dollars in real estate, etc. Some of the other things similar to BitLife are getting a driver license, emigrate to another country, finding love, playing the lottery, going shopping, etc. Everything is great except for the graphics/UI quality, which could be improved.

Life Simulator 3

Games Like BitLifeIf you are on Android, then Life Simulator 3 would be another one of the best alternatives to BitLife. Here, you start as a teen, poor, and jobless. You will have to start building wealth from scratch. Starting from the low-pay scale jobs, getting education/skills to all the way to become successful! There are plenty of things to manage; finance, relationship, social life, education, jobs, etc. Also, it’s pretty challenging.

Musician Simulator

We recently covered this one – it’s a new game where you have to become a musician. Well, it might not offer other jobs like BitLife, but it has the potential to be a great game. You are gonna create a character, help him manage his stuff, perform in the street/club/concert, gain followers, and become famous. There is an endless mode and a story mode. It’s a good simulator game like BitLife – but limited to music stuff.

If you like the above-listed game, you can try other games from the same developer –

  • Movie Director Simulator
  • Hacker Simulator
  • Writer Simulator
  • Tuber’s Life Simulator

Developer name – Cat Games Studio.

Streamer Sim Tycoon

In Streamer Sim Tycoon, you will be living the life of a streamer who gets up, make videos, post on the internet(in-game) and become the top-streamer. Help him get more views by mastering the skills in various genres of the games. It’s a good game with great pixel-art graphics.

Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on the best games like BitLife for Android/iPhone iOS 2020. If you know more games like BitLife, comment below. We would love to add them to this list.

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