Best Games Like Episode For Android & iOS 2020

Looking for the game apps similar to Episode – Choose Your Story? Read on for the list of the best games like Episode for Android & iOS 2020

Episode – Choose Story is a popular game app where you get to read a ton of stories in a variety of genres such as romance, thriller, adventure, crime, horror, love, and more. The stories are presented in visuals, which keep the reader entertained all the time. The great plots, graphics, visuals, and story-lines – what more you need! It’s the perfect game app for those who love to read interactive stories. If you loved that game, you might be looking for the similar game apps. In this post, we have posted a list of games like Episode – Choose Your Story.

Best Games Like Episode On Android & iOS 2020: –

Following is the list of top-best games like Episode – Choose Your Story that you can download for free from Google Play Store and iOS App Store: –

Fantasy Episodes By Webelinx

Best Games Like EpisodeThis game is suitable for those people who love reading “love” genre visual novels. It takes you to the fantasy world, which is beautifully designed. The story content is lovely and intersting; you will get hooked right from the first chapter, the text is easy to read, plots are amazing, and the characters’ dialogues are top-notch. There are lots of chapter episodes to complete; you can enjoy them all for free. The best thing is it does not have force in-app purchases. It does feature ads but there is no currency system like other games of this genre. The only IAP is there to remove ads. You would not need to spend any real money to play the game.

  • Top-notch games like Episode
  • Lots of chapters to play
  • Free-To-Play, No forced in-app purchases
  • Size on Android – 88 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Not available on iOS
  • Offline or Online – It’s online. You need an internet connection to play it

Teenage Drama Episode

Best Games Like EpisodeTeenage Drama is another great game like Episode that walks you through the teens’ love life event; full of drama and romance. Characters in the story develop a crush on each other and fall in love. We have to admit that the story is written and presented beautifully in the game. It has all sorts of elements that you would love to experience in these types of games; romance, flirting, blushing, etc. On top of that, it’s IAP-free. You can enjoy the full game for free as there are no forced in-app purchases. The game does feature ads – the only IAP is available to remove those ads.

  • Offline or Online – Online
  • Size on Android – 93 MB
  • Free-To-Play, No forced in-app purchases
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • One of the great games like Episode
  • A good storyline and visuals

Decisions Episode

Best Games Like EpisodeDecision(s) is a great mobile game app with lots of interactive visual stories available in popular genres; Drama, Romance, Mystery, and more. The developers of the game have done a great job to make this game worth playing. In each story, you get to create and name a character. After creating the character, you will proceed chapter-by-chapter – each chapter takes you to a different plot and lets you experience a new event. It also has an auto-play mode that you can turn on to play the story automatically without tapping the screen. Like the Episode game app, you get to make the choices. Based on the decisions, you will have different-different endings. It’s one of the best games like Episode for Android.

  • Size on Android – 106 MB
  • Energy System, Freemium
  • Offline or Online – Online. You need an active internet connection to download story episodes
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • One of the top best games like Episode – Choose Your Story


Best Games Like EpisodeChoices: Story You Play by Pixelberry is one of the best similar games like Episode. We have played this game like crazy – nonstop. The stories are well-written, interesting, and available in all genres; romance, drama, fantasy, horror, and more. Additionally, the graphics and animations are great – probably the best story game on Android & iOS.


Best Games Like EpisodeChapters: Interactive Stories is another popular game like Episode. Like all other games listed here, this one also has a lot of content for you to enjoy. As an avid reader, you want stories to be engaging and interesting. No one wants to bore – this is not the case with this game app as the stories are of top-notch – presented with good visual graphics. You will have great fun enjoying the content in this game app.

So that’s all for now in this post on games like Episode. If you have more recommendations, comment below.

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