Games Like Eve Echoes Mobile 2020

Are you looking for Eve Echoes alternatives? We have done all work for you and made a list of games like Eve Echoes for Android & iOS 2020

Games Like Eve Echoes MobileGames Like Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes is the mobile version of Eve Online. Published by NetEase games, Eve Echoes is a wonderful game for the players who love the gameplay that offers exploring galaxies, mining resources from planets, manufacturing ships, trading, and much more. You can read more in this Eve Echoes guide if you want. In this article, we have listed the games like Eve Echoes; with a similar gameplay experience. If you know a game that should be in the list – but it’s not listed by us, please comment below. We will add it to this list. Now, without further ado, check out the games like Eve Echoes –

Second Galaxy

  • Attention Required: 100%.
  • Genre: – sci-fi MMO
  • PvP – Yes!

Second Galaxy by ZlongGames is a wonderful sci-fi MMO, which is similar to Eve Echoes. Speaking of gameplay, as a player, you will be playing as a commander. You will explore galaxies, gather the resources, build the ships, and there is a lot to enjoy. It has PvP, exploration mode, challenges, an alliance system, and much more. You will love this game for sure.

Nova Empire

  • Attention Required: 100%
  • Genre – sci-fi space strategy
  • PvP – Yes!

Nova Empire is another game like Eve Echoes. The game lets you build an empire and fight in competitive space battles. There are lots of spaceships to build that you can send to collect the resources from the galaxies or use them in the PvP battles. Other things include the alliance system, base building mechanics, managing the resources, and much more.

Star Trek Fleet Command

  • Attention Required: 100%
  • Genre – base building sci-fi MMO
  • PvP – Yes!

Star Trek Fleet Command is a popular strategy MMO by Scopely. You will have your personal base that you will manage; build and upgrade the facilities, set-up the defense, manufacture the spaceships, and much more. Other than base building and managing, you can explore the galaxies and find the premium resources and start mining, fight hostiles, and other players. It’s P2W though.

Galaxy Reavers – Starships RTS

  • Attention Required: 100%
  • Genre – space-battles
  • PvP – No

Galaxy Reavers game does not offer PvP like Eve Echoes. But if you are just looking for a space ship game where you complete the levels, then this one would be a great choice. There are lots of types of spaceships to collect and add to the fleet. You can customize them with the equipment. Also, the game offers challenging levels. But, you will miss the PvP.

So that’s all in this article on games like Eve Echoes for Android & iOS.

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