Best Games Like EverMerge For Android & iOS

Looking for the games similar to EverMerge? Read on for the best games like EverMerge where you merge the objects and progress through the quests

Games Like EverMergeEverMerge is a popular merge game – well, it’s not the first game in this genre. There are a ton of games that are similar to this one. In these types of games, players merge identical objects, create bonuses, and get the upgraded items to progress further through the item progression and the quests. If you are looking for the EverMerge game alternatives, then you are on the right page. This post features the list of top-notch games like EverMerge. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content.

Best Games Like EverMerge For Android/iPhone iOS: –

Following are the best games like EverMerge: –

Merge Magic!

Merge Magic is a popular merge game with puzzling levels and challenges. It’s published by Gram Games Limited on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Just like the EverMerge game, In Merge Magic, you merge the identical objects to discover new ones; creatures, items, etc. You will lift the curse from the dead objects – by merging identical creatures like a peacock, cats, unicorns, and more. There are lots of challenging levels and quests for the players to complete and earn rewards.

Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons is another popular game that falls under this genre. The game takes you to the floating island of the Dragonia world where you merge the identical objects to produce the magical hearts that lift the curse from the dead plants and the objects. By merging the identical objects, you will heal the cursed objects and recover them from the evil’s hands. You will be matching and merging the dragon eggs, stars, plants, mystic creatures, trees, and much more.

Park of Monster

Park of Monster game is published by LT Fun Inc. on Google Play Store. Like all the games listed here, In Park of Monster, you get to merge the same objects and discover their new forms of evolutions. It features a great monster park theme where you discover cute little monsters and embarks on the journey full of magic and the monsters. You will proceed through the stages; each stage gives you a new challenge to complete. There are hundreds of stages with increasing difficulty.

Merge World Above B.V. released this game back in February 2020. It shares the same genre as offered by the games listed here. You can play it in portrait mode as well as in the landscape mode. You will be helping the dragons save the world from intruders cursing the beautiful lands. With the help of magical powers, you can merge the 3 or more identical objects and discover their new evolution forms to clean the curse fields.


LiliJoy released this game back in December 2020. It has hundreds of challenging puzzle levels where you merge the objects and creatures. There are hundreds of objects and creatures to merge and level up. For example – mystic creatures, grass, rocks, food, diamonds, trees, and more. The creatures are cute and beautifully designed. The graphics and animations are amazing. If you loved the EverMerge game, you will surely like this game.

So that’s all for now in this post on the best games like EverMerge. If you know more alternatives, comment below.

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