Best Games Like Evil Hunter Tycoon For Mobile

If you are looking for games like Evil Hunter Tycoon, then make sure to check this list where we have featured the games similar to Evil Hunter Tycoon

Best Games Like Evil Hunter TycoonEvil Hunter Tycoon is a unique mobile game by Super Planet. In this game, you manage the hunters who grind resources for you – later, you use those resources in plenty of other things such as building/upgrading stuff, crafting gears, etc. You will be expanding the town, powering-up the hunters, fighting the boss, grinding the loot, and there are plenty of things to do. If you have loved that game, you might be looking for games similar to it. We have tried our best and come up with a short-list of games like Evil Hunter Tycoon. Let’s check them out, shall we?

Best Games Like Evil Hunter Tycoon: –

Following are the best games like Evil Hunter Tycoon for Android & iOS: –

Kingdom Adventurers

Kingdom Adventurers is one of the best games like Evil Hunter Tycoon. It’s published by Kairosoft Co., Ltd. on mobile app stores. It focuses on the city-building + adventure mechanics; there is a lot of grind involved. You will send the characters outside the Kingdom to collect the materials; characters are of many types; merchants, researchers, farmers, cook, and many more. Each character excel in unique aspect – for example; attackers deal with the enemies, farmers grow crops, researchers do the research. Also, there is a lot of things to manage; resources, characters, buildings, upgrades, equipment, training, etc.

Warrior’s Market Mayhem

Warrior’s Market Mayhem is on offline RPG featuring the pixel graphics where you will be managing the warriors. You can send them on the adventure expeditions where they hunt and loot the crafting materials that you can use to craft the stuff for the citizens who visit you now and then. If you loved Evil Hunter Tycoon, then you should give this game a shot. It’s unique in own way; the graphics are great, the gameplay is amazing, and there is a lot of management involved; hiring the managers, collecting the materials, crafting, making money, selling, etc. We hope you will love this game.

Cooking Quest: Food Wagon Adventure

Another game from the same developer who published Warrior’s Market Mayhem game. Cooking Quest is another game like Evil Hunter Tycoon where you send the heroes to dungeons to gather the ingredients so that you can discover and cook delicious recipes. They will fight the monsters and upon killing them, they will collect the ingredients. Later, the ingredients will be used by the chefs to cook recipes. Sell the food items to customers, make money, build and expand the facilities in the town.

Crusaders Quest

Crusaders Quest is a popular RPG with pixel-art graphics. It comes with PvE, PvP(Colosseum), World Boss, and a variety of other games modes where you will dispatch the team of heroes to fight bosses, You can transcend, equip them gears, make upgrades to unleash their full potential. Everything is pretty good except it lacks in the management field(selling and buying stuff).

Royal Merchant Shop Sim RPG

Royal Merchant Shop Sim is another game that you might like if you loved Evil Hunter Tycoon. Here, you will dispatch the characters on various adventurous expeditions where they encounter the enemies; they will fight and grind materials. You will use the materials in crafting gears; weapons and armors. Another part of the game is improving the castle; you can construct thee rooms, set-up libraries, and there is plenty of stuff to discover.

So this would be all in this post on the best games like Evil Hunter Tycoon for Android & iPhone iOS. If you know more games like Evil Hunter Tycoon, comment below.

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